How to Start Shooting Your First Video for Facebook Business Pages or YouTube

How to Start Shooting Your First Video for Facebook Business Pages or YouTube


It feels like a lot of pressure being told you NEED to be shooting video today in order to compete with online marketing… It’s hard enough to find time in your day to post on your business page, let alone having to become a producer, writer, film maker and star in the production as the lead actor!

Video is actually quite new, YouTube was only founded in 2005, however it is becoming extremely  popular… with over 13 billion videos watch everyday (April 2017) you can see how the early adopters will have a big advantage over those that continue to hesitate…. A good question to ask yourself is…. Are any of those 13 billion videos mine?

For the purpose of this BLOG we are learning to shoot a Native Video to be uploaded straight to your Facebook Business Page from your smart phone… after you can load your video to your YouTube channel, if you have one. Native video simply means  your video was uploaded to Facebook straight from your phone, not a third-party such as YouTube.

If you could understand the value in doing videos for your social media it might make getting started a little more easier. Let’s start by counting down the…


10.  Mobile Users are attracted to video📱

9. Conversion rates, click-through and e-mail sign ups are much higher with video

8. Technology favors video 🎥

7. Video has Higher interaction or that buzzword “ENGAGEMENT” with your viewers than any other published content, even those lazy users that never tell you they are there…. ah ha, we know you’re there because every watched video is now a true viewed statistic. 📉

6. More eyeballs watching means MORE exposure for your business. Brand Awareness, Top of Mind Marketing 👀

5. Video helps people understand that you are an authority on your subject matter… this builds TRUST!

4. The algorithms LOVE video… even if that’s Greek to you, algorithm’s talk to each other, it’s important behind the scenes activity where a lot of consideration goes into the placement of your posts in news feeds, when the algorithms need to pick what content gets ranked higher, video is the number one choice.. (that’s actually two good points)

3. Video is an easy way for you to showcase, answer questions, explain interesting facts, and add value to your customers day, think “Edu-Tain” Education and Entertainment.

2. SEO…  that’s right Search Engine Optimization – It helps you to be found on the world-wide-web… and don’t forget today we have SMO… Social Media Optimization. PLUS… GOOGLE LOVES VIDEO that’s how it ranks higher.

  1. Drum roll please……. People LOVE to Watch video… It’s easy… and even if 85% turn the volume off… they still 💞 VIDEO. Today you can add captions to your videos, and most social networks even do this for you and it’s FREE.

I bet now you know these POWERFUL reasons, you’re ready to get started… right?

Still feeling a little shy, are you struggling with these popular questions?

  • Are you feeling like no one would want to watch your videos
  • You don’t know what you should talk about
  • You’re just too scared to try
  • You don’t have the right equipment
  • You have NO idea how to shoot a video

Let’s go down this path together… one step at a time.. ok?

First of all it would be really important to actually be an authority on the subject you are going to talk/shoot about. It also is important to believe in your product and yourself.

It is said that once your God-given talents intersect with your true passion, you’ll be unstoppable. Do you LOVE what you’re doing? Who better to tell the world about it then you!

This means your head needs to be in the right space.. Does this make sense?

If you are confident about your products or services, you’re already 1/2 way there. The rest comes down to a few simple tasks..

  1. Write out a storyboard for your video – Introduction – Middle – End – Recap – Call to action
  2. Make sure it is relevant to your products or service
  3. Get out of the box, but don’t throw the box away…
  4.  Now practice a few times, get a flow going .
  5. Get all your equipment together. Tripod – Light – Cleaner ….
  6. Now take 5 minutes to breath, get your flow…. sit up straight. (It might help to put a little pillow or rolled towel under the backside of your bum, it’ll help you stay open… a lack of confidence, nervousness or inner doubt, makes us shrink.
  7. Now follow these little steps in the video….

  1. Have all your equipment ready. Such as lights if needed, Tripod, Cleaner & Cloth
  2. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb or Airplane mode
  3. Clean your phone and lens
  4. Go into your camera, turn your phone to video
  5. Hold your phone in a landscape position – This way no black lines will run down either side
  6. Lock Your Screen by holding your finger on the screen, now you can brighten or darken your screen
  7. Now test the sound and lighting
  8. Look into the lens and not at yourself. Maybe put a little star near the lens as a reminder where to look. SMILE
  9. Hold the phone just above your eye line
  10. Now begin shooting, and talk to me not at me… Try to have a rhythm to your voice, don’t speak too fast. You’re going to be AWESOME!!!

Remember the only way you’ll learn is to try, the more you do, the easier and better you’ll get!

Special shout out and thank you for helping us today Michele Clifford from WannaTalkHealth

Heather & Catherine

How to Manage Your Facebook Marketing







Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, doing your own social media “Marketing”

Having a Facebook Business Page that you manage yourself could feel as if you need to have a degree in advertising and marketing. Are you thinking you need to go back to school? If you are a small business owner you might recall not so long ago, you handed your marketing off to an actual person dedicated to filling your ad spot and guiding you through the process; you simply sent a few photos.

Today it seems like things have changed and a lot!

If you’re not the person posting to your Facebook page they say it’s not authentic.. authentic?. Simply put, you are not the author of your content. Today you need to dream up the story board, find the photos & create the script… plus we are told you need to repeat this everyday; and not to put the same content on Twitter as you put on Facebook. Then there’s Pinterest which is completely different from LinkedIn as it is with Instagram. Wow.. where are you going to find the time, resources and money… to do it all!

BTW – I post directly from my Facebook Business Page to my Twitter – One less piece of work for me… I also get a lot of action from my following on Twitter because I do this! KeepItSimpleSM


If you try as a small business to achieve a full-blown social media plan you’re going to fail & miserably. In most cases I have found you don’t have the time or social media expertise to pull this off. Every social network has a learning curve and a component called an audience to build.

People that are following you might be doing so for two reasons, they like your product and services or something you’ve posted caught their attention – Good job!

What if you just did a few little tweaks to a couple of accounts and kept this up consistently for 2 – 3 months. Then evaluate how it is going for you? Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Tweaks to consider… First look at your postings and honestly decide if they’re getting the reach you consider sufficient, compared to the resources, time and effort you’re putting in. Second is ANYONE interested in what your posting? Simple right? Yes it really is that simple. Likes, comments and your phone ringing with sales would be your first indicator.

What was hot last month on social media might not do anything for your business page this month.. Keep an eye on your Insight tab (You get this information, analytic tab, once you have 30 LIKES on your business page)

When your reach declines, bump it up with a little money, you don’t need to break the bank. You can advertise today for as little as $1.00 a day.

The good news is Google will index all your content even if it is organic….

Question – Have you set a marketing budget for any of your social media?

When you are out going about your everyday life, watch for great real life action that would make awesome Facebook posts. Remember why people use Facebook, and learn to speak the language of Facebook.

Why are you on Facebook?

1. To follow family and friends through life’s journey

2. You endorse businesses you feel passionate about or are interested in… Probably because you might dream of owning the product or you already do own it!

3. Vicariously living through others because of depression, loneliness or boredom

4. Stay up to date on current world events

Social media does not need to take up a lot of time, here is an example of my day on-line

1. Schedule my posts a few days at a time

2. Review any comments and Likes and engage with my audience

3. Check my notifications on Twitter and respond

4. Once a week I add content to LinkedIn

5. Once a month I try to blog

6. I dabble on Pinterest

7. I love Instagram but am very cautious in my postings

Do you notice my language… Social Media is a small part of my everyday life, but not the focus. I am growing my networks slowly, I am not in a hurry. Another important item for me is responding to the people who have taken the time out of their busy day to engage with my business.

I am very consistent with my social media and I grow my following a few people at a time. All my networks have valuable people who I am building relationships with, some more frequently than others.

***A small example of not taking yourself so seriously is.. I published this blog by accident before I edited it… oh well these things happen. Some people will take that little example and think it is very unprofessional, I can’t worry about how other people react to my business. I can only be me and I am a professional and I love what I do.. Keeping it real!

Most importantly I would ask yourself if you are you having fun on social media? I know I sure am… thank you for being part of my journey on this very crazy ride through the new world of marketing.

Have an amazing week,


What is a Native Facebook Post (Video)

Facebook Native Video



Using great photos on Facebook that are sized properly and that can tell a story with a glance, are still a very powerful way to showcase your products & services. However recently posting the new Native Facebook Video is proving to be the big hitter for getting your content into news feeds on Facebook organically.

What is a Native Facebook Video? Good question, it scared me the first time I heard the phrase… When you (I) don’t know the answer to something today all you need to do is search the world-wide-web.

The answer:

If you take a video with your smart phone or a recorder and simply upload it to Facebook without first putting it on another video provider, such as YouTube or Vimeo for example, then Facebook refers to this as “Native” 

It’s that simple and it is that simple to do….

According to “Social Times” – Native video is seeing the fastest growth.

i.e. Videos that are uploaded to or created on Social Networks and played in-feed. Opposed to links to videos hosted on another site.

Not so long ago, it was said that photos would give you the most reach into other people’s news feeds, but as of February 2015 recording your own videos and uploading them to Facebook or better yet your Facebook Business Page, will get you further reach.

So “Keep It Simple Social Media” tested this theory….

My average reach on my business page without paying Facebook any money has been between 150 -250 news feeds.. not great when I have almost 2000 LIKES.. I would actually need to pay Facebook by doing an ad to garner any further reach … unless I had a super exciting post that was Shared, Liked and Commented on. This happens on occasion but not often enough for my liking.

Yesterday March 13th, 2015 I uploaded a video from my iPhone to Facebook (Native) and watch patiently all day as it was pushed further and further into the news feeds… some 600 news feeds… That in its self was fabulous…. but what really was shocking was the number of people who watched the video and didn’t tell me they were there… Over 280 as I write this blog.. Wowzer!!!!

I’ve only tried the one Native video so far, but next week I will do two others and see how they do… I am now going to mix up the type of content I post, staying primarily with one or two photo uploads and now Native Videos.

Facebook Organic Reach

For my business page I have found basic status updates don’t garner much activity and Links such as this blog are very low as well. People might not be interested in reading a long story when they are scrolling through their news feeds.

Having a variety of content for your fans is probably still your best strategy and making sure when people are talking to you on Facebook you acknowledge them by clicking the reply button.

If you have posted your own  Native Video to Facebook,  I’d love to hear how it did…

Until next time – Let’s Keep It Simple!


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