CharacterThey say your character is who you are and your reputation is what other people think of you. Your reputation can be for a limited amount of time; while your character stays with you for an eternity.

What people think of you online can be derived by many mediums, in today’s world it doesn’t take much to attract an audience for the wrong reason. A simple post, instantly puts you in front of people you don’t even know.

If you comment on a photo even if it’s not yours, this simple gesture of touching the keypad implies acceptance and tells your friends what you’re thinking…

The LIKE button can mean… I agree, I acknowledge, I LIKE (a lot) here, here… Hip hip hooray!!

Reputation judgment comes mainly from our own online activity. We post photos, selfie(s), give opinions and share emotional stories, and sometimes we LIKE a page on Facebook which implies to the world we LIKE or support that business or person..It must mean something to us to endorse it with our LIKE… Right??? Not necessarily… but to the average person it certainly does. It is from that point forward that the world can and will judge your activity.

This is why today political parties, candidates and any & everyone need to be cognizant of their online activity.


adjective: cognisant
  • having knowledge or being aware of.
    “statesmen must be cognizant of the political boundaries within which they work”
    In today’s new world of online media, everyone is a celebrity and all your on-line postings by you or anyone for that matter is searchable… Trust me.. they’re searching.
    If you have an appointment with someone you’ve never met … to list a house for sale.. let’s just say.
    You can bet your last dollar the homeowner is going to the search bar on Google and putting your name in.
    Now this can be good news as well… How searchable are you on the WWW… how have your marketing efforts paid off for you online.. What does your LinkedIn profile say about you, is it entirely filled in properly?
    How you do anything is how you do everything!

    Tips to protect your online Reputation

    #1.  Always be YOU – Be Authentic, honest and trustworthy, Stay true to your morals, your personality, and ideals.

    #2. Handle any and all Conflicts offline. Nip them in the bud immediately.

    #3. Use the “Golden Rule” mentality. Treat others how you’d like to be treated.

    #4. Be aware of what is going on. Search Yourself. Monitor your reputation. Try setting up “Google Alerts”

    #5. Buy your Name Domain. For as little as $12 a year you could own your name.

    #6 Create quality Likeable content. A little selling and a lot of Value.

    #7. Be SOCIAL and engage with your followers.

    #8. Keep your Private life – PRIVATE realizing of course that nothing is really ever private!

    That’s really all there is except of course think before you post!

    Have a great day – Heather

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