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I’m glad I didn’t listen

What I have found with my own success using Facebook to market my business are the same lessons I’ve learned in life over and over again. You need to be a rebel, get right outside the box with your creativity and try different things.. the only way you’ll learn is through trial and error.. the more you do wrong or let’s just say the more you do that doesn’t work, the sooner you’ll learn what does.

One of my favorite sayings in life is “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”

I have found lately I am getting complacent on Facebook, I was meandering and acting in an unsocial manner at times… yes it happens to everyone, we are all human and at times we lose our creativeness that is needed to stimulate new ideas for content on Facebook.

We even sometimes listen to our “Guru’s” and think they know exactly what they’re talking about.. chances are they do know more than you and I, but Facebook marketing is a new animal… while design and grammar are important.. the human side of connecting is something we all already possess.

How is it then that we take something as simple as networking and transform it into marketing? The problem lies in the fact that most of us are insecure about walking up, introducing ourselves and talking to strangers. Facebook is like that in some ways…however not as intimidating.

Facebook is a much gentler approach to networking and selling our products, and it is permission based, which is why we need to be respectful of each LIKE we graciously receive.

If we dive into our passion it should just flow from us naturally, right? Well sometimes it just doesn’t… That my friends is life… up down..up.. down..

I’m going to let you off the hook with Facebook and tell you it’s no big deal.. stay true to your cause, be persistent, find a goal and strive to achieve it, as easy as it seems at first it will not always stay that way.. just don’t give up.. care and share and leave a few comments along your Journey.

Tips for Postings

  • Stay clear of politics ~ I’ve seen political humour, compassion & outright caught you in the act postings that work
  • Religion ~ Sorry, I find this does work for some pages, depends on YOUR audience
  • Only post Monday – Friday ~ wrong ~ Facebook is open 24/7 This helps to keep your business and products top of mind
  • Nothing after the store closes ~ wrong ~ Even if you don’t reply back to comments on your page it is still alive and being Talked About
  • Links don’t work ~ It’s not the links or stories that don’t work, it is in what you say and how you post it
  • Pictures are best ~ while this carries some weight (no pun intended) a basic awesome status update can go viral too

Now here is the WHOOPER TIP: Schedule a posting for the evening, I have found I get the most clicks after 8pm… Who would have thought


Funny… sometimes I press Publish by mistake instead of Save Draft… see..I’m human too….

My name is Heather Clifford and I live in beautiful British Columbia where I teach social media, I am a speaker, consultant and trainer who holds your hand and bridges the distance between technology and utilizing social media to market your business on-line.

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