Wasting Time

It’s Easy to Do ~ Waste Time

In todays fast paced world we’re so busy trying to stay current on what the newest or best marketing vehicles are…. gadgets, widgets and social sites, it seems virtually impossible to get any real work done… or does it?

A business really needs to know exactly what is important and what needs to be built and maintained to have a social media footprint.

You don’t need every social network, and you certainly don’t need all the bells and whistle’s that can be downloaded… but how do you know what you need… everyone has an opinion including me… it can get very confusing…fast!

My philosophy is for everyday businesses that want to compete on-line but would rather focus on building relationships with face to face interaction.. Keep It Simple!

Here are ten Fabulous ways to stay focused and have a social media presence on-line…

1. You Must decide which networks your audience are using (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

2. Define your audience, age, gender, location, psychological profile

3. Pick a work team and get together and brainstorm what your social channel(s) will look and feel like… think branding and authority..

4. Be consistent across the board

5. Build an interactive community on that network with Content that You create. Your Content will be a huge factor to your success!

6. Get an audience to follow you, by following them. You Must Keep Growing Your Fan Base.

7. Be Curtius, grateful, inquisitive, emotional, valuable ~ You Must Engage With Your Fans.

8. Try using the 80/20 rule of thumb… 80% Valuable, haa haa, sharing 20% selling (selling is all about YOU)…Facebook is not a good place for Me Me Me!!!

9. You need to try shifting some of your marketing dollars to on-line advertising to REACH more Fans.

10. Have Fun ~ social media is a journey and not a final destination.


My name is Heather Clifford and I live in beautiful Nanaimo BC on Vancouver Island. I teach hands on social media all across North America. I am a speaker, consultant and social media coach, helping businesses to bridge the distance between technology and on-line marketing.



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