Too Much!  Simply Add Value

Well it’s a little more than just telling you I try to add value to my followers day, but in essence I do really think about what I post and how the reader is going to interpret it. I do something else, I assume you might struggle with technology or technical terms, I always say to myself… If I was new to this network could I understand this BLOG or Tweet or Facebook update?

It might even insult people if I was to say this is simple… because simple for me is not simple for everyone… Trust me I’m not a techy… rather I am a social media expert, because I am social first…. and of course the thousands of hours I have spent learning.

I also feel that being social gives me a head start when utilizing social media for marketing…. but here’s a little something else I’ve figured out…. we’re all social by nature!

Here is what I do once I turn my computer on 7am Monday – Friday

  • I will spend five minutes on my personal profile news feed talking to people as Heather Clifford
  • Then I head straight over to my business page “Keep It Simple Social Media”
  • I look over my admin panel to see if anyone is talking to me – I engage with them (5 minutes)
  • Before I post anything I click on the “Home” tab and run through the business news feed
  • I than switch the setting to most recent
  • Once I’ve sincerely dropped my business card off around Facebook by commenting, Liking & maybe Sharing some postings, I head back to my business page wall (5 minutes)
  • Now before I start posting I research what I want to say
  • I might even customize my pictures with “Keep It Simple Social Media” because this is also branding and very important (5 minutes)
  • I use the photo editing website “Pic Monkey”
  • When I write my status update I ask myself – Is this engaging or helpful to my followers?

  • I come back to Facebook near the end of the day… maybe 3pm and do exactly the same things again.
  • In total I am spending less than an hour on Facebook
  • I also schedule many of my postings because I travel a lot to teach social media (awesome FB feature)

Do you think Facebook is working for your business? Can you tell me honestly that you’ve made a committment, you’ve been consistent, engaging and interesting.

It is said that you need to give your business page at least six months to effectively start to work for you and building your following (LIKES) is a high priority. The bonus is having a personal account on Facebook and a business page on Facebook will give you a double social footprint!

Set Your First Goal

100 LIKES followed by 4oo LIKES… there are many reasons to strive for these numbers, one being only a small percentage of your followers actually receive your message every day because of Facebook’s EdgeRank….& the other reason is one I really love, once you have 100 LIKEs there are great advertising options available to your page such as Promote a Post.

I believe Facebook works as an excellent on-line marketing platform for any business… It is a journey rather than a destination and I am committed for the long-haul… How about you?

My name is Heather Clifford and I live in beautiful Nanaimo where I teach hands on social media. I travel throughout North America teaching, speaking and consulting on Social Media because my commitment is to help you utilize the power of marketing on-line

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