Out for a Run

As I was out for my run/walk this morning I was thinking about my jogging shirt and how much value it has given me over last seven years, I run 3-5 times a week and you could only imagine how many times I’ve washed it… I’ve bought other running shirts over the years but keep coming back to my LuLuLemon… it is now all used up, no more elasticity in those threads…time to put it to rest.

I thought about my running shoes and how I needed to replace them every six months. I then thought about my new (this year) lemon squeezer and how I take it everywhere, how much I love it… and decided this was money well spent $25. I pondered my towel I was drying with and how it too was 12 years old but didn’t look old and worn…and as I sat outside at the table I remembered back 25 years ago when I bought it in Toronto.


With all this thinking about valuable treasures I started to think about the people in my life and for how long some have been great friends, about the relatives I grew up with and how we don’t see them very often anymore…. I wondered about neighbors and teachers…my first boss or colleagues in University… How we could go 20 years without seeing each other and pick right up where we left off…a few more wrinkles of course but every line told an exciting story…. I thought about how we count on our friends when we need help or how they are there for us when we’re in pain…How intuitive we are today and how much more we care about what is happening around us…. then I thought about Facebook….


LIKE it or not Facebook has resurrected the past… In most cases it is for the good, reconnecting high school buddies and giving us a glimpse into who they are today, families and children, struggles, giggles and everyone’s sense of humour… we’re being sympathetic to the misfortunes or deaths surrounding friends and relatives and generally making us one big connected community no matter the distance. I’m learning about things I would have never seen or understood through my channels of connective(ness) on this network… I truly think calling it a social engagement tool is such a simple explanation for what it really does….I myself  LIKE and appreciate this new tool…and besides my valuable time on this planet… it has all been for FREE… I wanted to say thank you Facebook I think you’re a pretty cool tool…

ps… Some of us are doing more reading on Facebook than we’ve ever done in our entire lives…this is a good thing too…


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