At the present time I am working on a gorgeous development in Victoria.  “Aquattro”    

Located strategically 20 minutes from downtown Victoria and gloriously on the ocean in front of Royal Roads University… Quite a favorable opportunity for me to visit my family a little more as I originated from the Comox Valley – However the frequent trips I take back to Whistler are becoming very expensive.

 Gas is one cost, but the ferry is quite another.  A return trip to Whistler will run you $200 – $250  this is only the transportation side.

 I was at the Scotiabank in Colwood where the teller Vicky, told me her family went to Whistler during Christmas – three nights – hotel in Squamish – skiing – transportation and of course food.

Total cost: $2500

I decided I would travel to Whistler as a tourist, stay in a hotel, eat out, and enjoy some skiing – I would save all my receipts… and add them up when I returned to Victoria.                                                                                                                              Here was my experience 2 adults 1 child 1 teenager

Ferry- $92 x 2=$184 Gas $56

 Coffee at the ferry- $20 Food on the ferry 2 ways – $60 

 Chains for car $100 (It was really snowing)

Lunch in Squamish (Sushi) $32 Grocery store $26 Liquor store – $84 (mmm Liquor was more expensive then the food – go figure)

Breakfast x 3 days = $100 Lunch x 3 days= $120

Pizza delivery to room = $35    Elephant & Castle Pub $80    

Dinner Rim Rock $300 (next blog)

Spending money for kids 2 x 100= $200

New Years Eve in the Village – $70 (one child/one adult)

Skiing 2 days-  one teenager – one adult – 2 rentals ($200),  2 lift tickets ($340), 2 lessons ($250)  = $800

Cross Country one adult, one morning Callaghan Valley -$50 Equpiment included

Hotel – Delta Village Whistler Suites – 3 nights – Queen size bed, pull out couch $750

Total cost: $3067

I am sure I missed a few coffees and chocolate bars, but over all this is what it cost us….

I guess it doesn’ matter where you choose to go on vacation – what makes it fabulous is the memories you create and the laughter you experience. I know doing this experiment has drawn to my attention the value of our tourists and the love they must have for Whistler.

With the variety of choices one has today for a vacation we should say thank you to all of the tourists who return year after year to Whistler…

Right now the Chateau Fairmont Whistler is having a “Stay with Us and Ski for Free” sale…

Sounds great!

Cheers!          [tweetmeme source=whistlerheather only_single=false]

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