How to Start Shooting Your First Video for Facebook Business Pages or YouTube

How to Start Shooting Your First Video for Facebook Business Pages or YouTube


It feels like a lot of pressure being told you NEED to be shooting video today in order to compete with online marketing… It’s hard enough to find time in your day to post on your business page, let alone having to become a producer, writer, film maker and star in the production as the lead actor!

Video is actually quite new, YouTube was only founded in 2005, however it is becoming extremely  popular… with over 13 billion videos watch everyday (April 2017) you can see how the early adopters will have a big advantage over those that continue to hesitate…. A good question to ask yourself is…. Are any of those 13 billion videos mine?

For the purpose of this BLOG we are learning to shoot a Native Video to be uploaded straight to your Facebook Business Page from your smart phone… after you can load your video to your YouTube channel, if you have one. Native video simply means  your video was uploaded to Facebook straight from your phone, not a third-party such as YouTube.

If you could understand the value in doing videos for your social media it might make getting started a little more easier. Let’s start by counting down the…


10.  Mobile Users are attracted to video📱

9. Conversion rates, click-through and e-mail sign ups are much higher with video

8. Technology favors video 🎥

7. Video has Higher interaction or that buzzword “ENGAGEMENT” with your viewers than any other published content, even those lazy users that never tell you they are there…. ah ha, we know you’re there because every watched video is now a true viewed statistic. 📉

6. More eyeballs watching means MORE exposure for your business. Brand Awareness, Top of Mind Marketing 👀

5. Video helps people understand that you are an authority on your subject matter… this builds TRUST!

4. The algorithms LOVE video… even if that’s Greek to you, algorithm’s talk to each other, it’s important behind the scenes activity where a lot of consideration goes into the placement of your posts in news feeds, when the algorithms need to pick what content gets ranked higher, video is the number one choice.. (that’s actually two good points)

3. Video is an easy way for you to showcase, answer questions, explain interesting facts, and add value to your customers day, think “Edu-Tain” Education and Entertainment.

2. SEO…  that’s right Search Engine Optimization – It helps you to be found on the world-wide-web… and don’t forget today we have SMO… Social Media Optimization. PLUS… GOOGLE LOVES VIDEO that’s how it ranks higher.

  1. Drum roll please……. People LOVE to Watch video… It’s easy… and even if 85% turn the volume off… they still 💞 VIDEO. Today you can add captions to your videos, and most social networks even do this for you and it’s FREE.

I bet now you know these POWERFUL reasons, you’re ready to get started… right?

Still feeling a little shy, are you struggling with these popular questions?

  • Are you feeling like no one would want to watch your videos
  • You don’t know what you should talk about
  • You’re just too scared to try
  • You don’t have the right equipment
  • You have NO idea how to shoot a video

Let’s go down this path together… one step at a time.. ok?

First of all it would be really important to actually be an authority on the subject you are going to talk/shoot about. It also is important to believe in your product and yourself.

It is said that once your God-given talents intersect with your true passion, you’ll be unstoppable. Do you LOVE what you’re doing? Who better to tell the world about it then you!

This means your head needs to be in the right space.. Does this make sense?

If you are confident about your products or services, you’re already 1/2 way there. The rest comes down to a few simple tasks..

  1. Write out a storyboard for your video – Introduction – Middle – End – Recap – Call to action
  2. Make sure it is relevant to your products or service
  3. Get out of the box, but don’t throw the box away…
  4.  Now practice a few times, get a flow going .
  5. Get all your equipment together. Tripod – Light – Cleaner ….
  6. Now take 5 minutes to breath, get your flow…. sit up straight. (It might help to put a little pillow or rolled towel under the backside of your bum, it’ll help you stay open… a lack of confidence, nervousness or inner doubt, makes us shrink.
  7. Now follow these little steps in the video….

  1. Have all your equipment ready. Such as lights if needed, Tripod, Cleaner & Cloth
  2. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb or Airplane mode
  3. Clean your phone and lens
  4. Go into your camera, turn your phone to video
  5. Hold your phone in a landscape position – This way no black lines will run down either side
  6. Lock Your Screen by holding your finger on the screen, now you can brighten or darken your screen
  7. Now test the sound and lighting
  8. Look into the lens and not at yourself. Maybe put a little star near the lens as a reminder where to look. SMILE
  9. Hold the phone just above your eye line
  10. Now begin shooting, and talk to me not at me… Try to have a rhythm to your voice, don’t speak too fast. You’re going to be AWESOME!!!

Remember the only way you’ll learn is to try, the more you do, the easier and better you’ll get!

Special shout out and thank you for helping us today Michele Clifford from WannaTalkHealth

Heather & Catherine

5 Tips on how to write a quick blog





Keep It Simple!

Writing a blog or a web log does not mean it needs to take a lot of your time, after all you are not writing a book. If you are writing specifically about something that can be explained in one or two paragraphs, get writing. Sometimes a quick yet powerful read is all your followers want.

I often help REALTORS® write short blogs about their new listings, instead of them just feeding the latest listing into their website as a blog (which it is not). This blog today is for Caronne Marino with Thornhill Real Estate in Whistler.

I advise them to take 1/2 an hour and write about the new listing and add some great photos. This is a powerful way to begin blogging as well it drives traffic to their website.

Making your point quicker is sometimes just perfect for a busy reader. I have found a lot of people do not get into writing blogs because they feel they do not have the time. When a few paragraphs takes less than an hour and once posted to your website can help your search ability or SEO especially when marketed properly.

Don’t worry about being perfect or what people are going to say about what you’ve written. Surround yourself with people who support and encourage you. Push yourself through a writer’s block or being paralyzed by fear. Which is False Evidence Appearing Real!

5 Quick Tips for wring your blogs

1. Find something that your readers need to know about…. much like answering a problem before you are asked. Think of who comes through your life (door) and the many questions they’ve asked you over the years. Keep it related to your business, but by all means go outside the comfort zone if you can… being a little more cheeky can garner you more readers.

You should know your audience before you start writing. Target the perfect reader for your product or service.

2. Find a Title that excites and makes the readers want to know what the blog is all about. Killer headlines that attract eyeballs!!!

Never do this again….

Stop before you throw anymore money away ….

How to win the war on…..

Be careful of this powerful…..

Don’t fall for this ……

5 Tips to success……

Checklist to save you money….

Think of something that makes the reader feel like you are saving them money, time, or from being left behind.

3. Find a quiet place to write, give yourself permission to escape from the rat race. You wont believe how good if feels to just start writing and get everything out of your head and onto paper (computer).  You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and excitement!

4. Read over your blog several times and use the spell check. Proofreading your blog is very important for professionalism. Now consider when you are reading the blog if the end-user which is the person reading the blog can understand the objective. Make sure you have explained in layman’s terms the point with clarity… You obviously know what you are writing about, but can the reader fill in the blanks. This component of blog writing is known as finishing the circle.

5. Finally your blog is ready to be posted… or Published!!! Have you used a captivating photo? I like to keep my shorter blog posts around 500 words.

You’ll now need to categorise the blog and add tags for your blog.

Tags are specific words that can explain your blog. Try to pick 5 – 10 key words. You can look at the bottom of this blog to see what I’ve used as an example. I like to preview my blog before I publish it. You should be feeling very excited right now….

Once you publish the blog you’ll need to track and measure your success, most websites today have statistics & analytics that will tell you how many people have read your blog and how they found it. You should also set up free Google Analytics for your website.

Do you notice the highlighted Google Analytics above? This is known as a link and if the reader clicks on it, they are sent to the web link address. I have a new window open in order not to chance losing the reader. It is a great way to give your reader more information without you having to write about it. Always check the links to make sure they actually go to the correct information.

That’s all for this blog at 778 words, just over an hour to write. Your turn…Are you ready?

For more help with Social Media and understanding the power of it….  follow me at Keep It Simple Social Media


10 Habits of a Successful Facebook Page

 Some Habits are GOOD for you!

Have you ever noticed that in life if you want to be successful at anything you need to develop successful habits? The following “Ten Habits” if repeated with consistency will demonstrate your professionalism on social media and people will believe you to be reliable… because they know they can depend upon your constant advice… Remember Dear Abbey?

To write this blog I sat  in my kitchen in front of my window overlooking the pacific ocean, looking across to the city of Vancouver… I asked myself what is it you are doing everyday to add value to your social media sites and in particular Facebook? I asked myself how is it benefiting my business & more importantly is it going to benefit my readers – viewers – followers – peeps – connections & Likes……….. I decided these ten items were the staple for my success to date. Success leaves clues, all we need to do is recapture it as our own.

  1. To always do a “check-up” from the neck-up”… How is my mood, tone & manner. As the majority of people are on Facebook to enjoy their journey through their news feed you need to be considerate to not interrupt their flow with negativity. However there certainly is a place for compassion and sharing of relevent information in and around your life… I am speaking of your business page content you are adding, remembering that in most cases the reader is not a business but a personal profile.
  2. Consistency is very important when it comes to social media, when you can be trusted to add valuable information on a regular base, people will look forward to your postings and come to expect to see you in their news feed – ask yourself right now, who do I expect to see everyday in my news feed?
  3. Content is your foundation for respect. Therefor everyday you need to be searching your world through the eyes of your readers. I have always told my students once they finished their Facebook workshop that they would never look at the world the same again… Begin to notice the beauty and knowledge flowing around you and then learn how to share it with your followers through stories.
  4. Believe that social media is for everyone, this means men – women.. 13+ to 100+ …. Do not judge the world of social media as a place for young adults and techy people… Think about the fact there are 1 Billion people on Facebook and most homes have a couple of computers.
  5. Focus my friends because without it the vortex of the Internet will consume you. Focus is accomplished by preparing your content ideas ahead of time, researching and then writing out your “To Do List”  Just in case you missed my previous blogs “Scheduling” your social media because you understand it’s value will put you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.
  6. Education & Learning – The world is full of valuable information, tools and resources, there are people in your very own city that specialize in helping small businesses get started, be found and then remembered on the Internet. In today’s world of fast paced information you always need to be aware of whats new and grow along with technology. My dad is 82 years old and he got his first computer last, cool isn’t it?
  7. Less Selling more social – Facebook for most businesses is more a way to keep your company top of mind, and while it seems ridiculous to some business owners, adding postings that encompass humour or grab our attention with magical photography is a big part of being social. My general rule is 20% selling and only if I have something of great value. 60% Educational & 20% haa haa.. I try to make my jokes relevent to my business.
  8. Think Referrals – There is no bigger compliment then a referral which comes through a friend… we trust our friends opinions and values, so when you use social media why not consider caring and sharing new people and places by talking about it on your personal profile or business page… I saw a fabulous example of this last night on Facebook… (with permission from Marge)

Marge Ashdown – Park Georgia Realty Burnaby

9. Have an Attitude of Gratitude – say Thank you to the people who spend time on your social sites, they are the ones that determine your success on social media…appreciate and respect their time… talk to them when they stop by on Facebook… get social!

10. No I have more… ok here is the last Habit for Success.. You only need to look around you to find successful idea and the people who work for you are a rich resource of valuable content, how about your costumers who love your products, think video, grab your camera…. If you’re excited they’ll be excited and want to be involved, then ask them to tag themselves and welcome them to share on their networks with their friends…

Writing this blog today was very exciting, every time I went over an idea in my head I could picture businesses using the suggestions in different ways. Facebook will only be successful for you if you hold hands with others. If your heart is in it and you’re smiling along your journey you’re half-way to meeting the goal of a successful business page. I hope you found value in today’s blog and ask that you share these 10 Habits with your social networks. Please remember that if you have questions about social media you can write it directly on my Facebook Business Page wall “Keep It Simple Social Media”

My name is Heather Clifford and I live in beautiful Nanaimo where I teach hands on social media. I am a speaker, consultant and social media trainer who is passionate about helping small businesses be found on the world-wide-web. Social Media in Nanaimo is a growing force of enthusiastic entrepreneurs and business owners looking to connect with the world…search us out and say hello! 250-668-3310

How To Get People To Like Your Facebook Business Page

You Need People To LIKE You

Having a Facebook Business Page is really a catch 22. A business page can only LIKE other business pages, it cannot LIKE people. In order to market to the world and keep your business top of mind, you need people to LIKE your business page… so the million dollar question is…. HOW?

Time – it takes time and work and patience… really, your page is a work in progress… not a means to an end… you need to have a fun page that people enjoy seeing when it shows up in their news feed…it needs lots of rich valuable information and the odd joke or two to make me laugh… I’m on Facebook to learn, smile and see my friends… Edu-Tain me! (Educate – Entertain)

If I drop by your page and see boring, repetitive….. blah blah blah… why on Earth would I click your LIKE button?… lets take it up a notch and think about what we enjoy on Facebook, why do we spend time on our computer?…. Yes I know this is your business page, but you are human and with this comes excitement and knowledge and fun…. be real, be yourself…. now if you’re a serious person then maybe the people who follow you are serious as well… in this case Keep Being You…

Here are My Top Ten Ways to get People to Click LIKE

    1. Like other Business Pages – ask “Do You Have a Business Page?”
    2. Do an E-mail launch to people
    3. Do an e-mail launch to Businesses
    4. Link your Facebook Business Page to a Facebook Logo on your Website
    5. Get a Bumper sticker – R U Following Me? Keep It Simple Social Media 
    6. Put your Facebook Username in your Store Window
    7. Put a Link on your News letter – put it on all promotional material
    8. Have a Facebook Party and invite your friends
    9. Put your username or it is also known as your vanity URL on your business card – hand them out
    10. Make sure your personal profile on Facebook, under the Work & Education tab is your Facebook Business Page – check mine out Heather Clifford Facebook
    11. ***** Host a Facebook Business page Clinic and invite your Favorite stores!!!!!
Heather Clifford lives in beautiful Nanaimo BC and teaches hands on social media to small groups of people. Heather is a social media manager, social media consultant and a social media speaker. Twitter Clinics – Facebook Business Page Clinics – WordPress Blogging – YouTube – Google+ – LinkedIn
Heather builds Business Pages and then teaches you how to market with them… a valuable resource you need today. 250-668-3310


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