Getting Started with Facebook Marketing

Getting Started with Facebook Marketing

Before any successful journey begins you’ll need to know where it is you want to go, and WHY!

Taking the time to “PLAN & PREPARE” is going to be your first step. You’ll want to set goals with what you believe is going to be a winning strategy and incorporate some proven techniques. It’s OLD SCHOOL!

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS WITH SOCIAL MEDIA? (beware of vanity goals)

  1. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. Here are a few examples of goals you might set…

    • Clean up & enhance your presence on social media
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Be consistent
    • Showcase products and service, recent sales, community events, behind the scenes.
    • End goal could be, getting more leads, sales, recognition… More business.
    • Be able to show social media marketing results to clients
    • Be a trendsetter in the industry
  2. Start by looking on Facebook for posts that people are LOVING… we call these UNICORNS, and they are streaming through the news feeds every day, you just need to stop and study the WHY. Look at the photos, the graphics, the comments, the quotes, especially the SHARES.. Take notes and screenshots. Put them into a folder, call your folder FACEBOOK IDEAS!                                                                                                                           
  3. It is to your advantage to search out your competition to see how they are handling Facebook. NOT with the intention to COPY, but to analyze. See if they are successful or if the perception is making them look better than they really are!
  4. Ask yourself what questions your customers keep asking you more than once, write those questions down on a word document and keep it in the folder, for content creation ideas.
  5. Now in three completely different groups put together your ideal customer. This becomes really important when you’re ready to run Facebook ads. Don’t think that you can spend $20 on an ad and hit everyone o Facebook, you’re going to want to be strategic with your ad dollars. When it comes time to spend money on Facebook ads, you’ll want to target one specific demographic at a time… I always say DON’T blanket the entire 2 Billion people on Facebook. Spend wisely, but KNOW who you are spending your money on!
  6. Write out what value you bring to the marketplace, how can you INSPIRE and EMPOWER your customers?
  7. How about ALL your knowledge, make a list of your own accomplishments.
  8. Ask your BEST customers what it is about you that makes them come back time after time.
  9. You’ll want to decide your voice on Facebook, who you represent, your values and MOTTO.
  10. Create your own RHYTHM… I LOVE Catherine and my TONE at Keep It Simple Social Media... we LIKE to have FUN!
  11. Have a real PURPOSE for WHY you’re here on Facebook.
  12. Now you need to get busy creating VIDEOS, Branding, Content, Photos, and Slideshows for your page. Variety and Consistency are key to a successful strategy!
  13. Create an editorial calendar

    The easiest way to handle a content strategy is to pick up a calendar and write down in each day a quick note of what you will talk about on that day. Dedicate a time in the week for social media (ex. Marketing Monday) and schedule your posts, reviews your ads.
    Keep it Simple!

    Take a calendar from Outlook and begin by thinking about all the special occasions for that month, then slowly fill in each day with ideas for posting… It’s like a guide.

  14. Review your performance

    Each week go into your INSIGHTS tab and look at how well your posts are performing. Adjust your strategy!

    After at least once a month, look at your analytics, see what works, what doesn’t and adjust: – what do people respond to the most?
    – are you feeling ok with things or overwhelmed?
    – ask people where they heard about your company

    Something to think about…The six biggest mistakes businesses do with their marketing:

     Not taking social media seriously (your competitors are)

    Pass it on to unqualified staff

    Not investing in Facebook advertising

    Not creating original content (blog, videos)

    Not being consistent

    Not responding and engaging with fans

    OK… Now you have a basic idea of how to be successful, Facebook is a pay to play platform, so for the best results and reach to potential customers, you’re going to need a marketing budget. Ask for help as you need it, and remember “Keep It Simple”

    Helpful TOOLS

    Facebook page manager – APP FOR YOUR iPhone or Android

    Keep it Simple Social Media Facebook Page

    Keep it Simple Social Media Facebook YOU TUBE TUTORIALS! #socialtips #socialchat

STOP doing this on your Facebook Business Page

STOP doing this on your Facebook Business Page

Facebook can be confusing and sometimes it takes time to understand how to navigate. However, there are some common best practices you should observe, that will truly go a long way in helping you project a professional image.

If you truly want your business to be taken seriously on Facebook, don’t ever do this:

1. Forget to Complete Your Page Info

When potential customers are considering doing business with you, the first thing they do is check the information you included in your “About” section.  If your page glaringly leaves out important information, it projects an image of incompetency.  If you’re a brick and mortar store, make sure you include your address and phone number. For online businesses, include as much information as makes sense. Remember, your competition keeps an eye on you!

  1. Only Promote Your Products & Services
    Although you know you have the best products on the market today, make sure you follow the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule simply says that about 80% of your updates should be social. Only 20% should promote your products and services.  Remember, you are on social media to make connections, build relationships and trust, which eventually result in sales. Remember, we all HATE to be sold to, but LOVE to buy!
  2. Pay a Third-Party Company for “Likes”

Oh, the lure of those fly-by-night companies that promise a zillion likes, within a week, for $5.   Unfortunately, if you want to grow real, loyal fans, it will take some time. Fake fans look good, and are great for your EGO, but they’re a waste of time.  They don’t engage, and definitely don’t buy your products.  You want your fans to build community and bond with you through loyalty, so that one day, some of them will buy your products or services. Besides, Facebook always finds out and they’ll remove your fake fans at best – at worst, they’ll shut down your account. Remember, it’s not a popularity contest. You can still advertise to ANYONE on Facebook, even if they did not LIKE your Business Page.

  1. Post Too Many Hashtags in Your Updates

Have you ever stumbled upon a Facebook post that had more than 5 hashtags? How did you feel? Did you get a bit annoyed? This is exactly how your Facebook fans feel when you do just that.   Studies have shown that interactions drop steadily as you increase the number of hashtags, so don’t ever do this!  Stick to 1-2 hashtags per update. Remember hashtags are used on Facebook, but NOT like they are on Twitter or Instagram. #####

  1. Discuss Politics or Religion

Politics and religion are too controversial to discuss on your Facebook business page unless your page is actually about politics or religion.  Remember, you want to attract – not repel potential clients. If your page is about pet products, don’t start discussing the latest election bombshell, no matter how tempted you are.  You don’t want to upset half of your current or potential customer base. Remember, on Facebook WE get to pick if WE LIKE you….

If you were doing any of the above, please stop!  You’ll get an edge on your competitors because many of them are still doing some of these frowned upon activities.

Remember, you can ask me any of those social media questions you might be struggling with…. just go directly to my Facebook Business Page and write on my wall!

Keep It Simple Social Media



5 Powerful Reasons Why Social Media Works

5 Powerful Reasons Why Social Media Works

Every now and then, you’ll see an article come out that questions whether social media works.  Maybe you’re even wondering if it makes sense to use social media.  After all, who has time for social media – right?

The answer to the question is a resounding “yes!”   Socially media does work, if you’re doing it correctly.

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why social media works 

1. Social Media Drives More Traffic to Your Website
Every time you share interesting blog posts, company news, or product promotions on social media, you increase your chances of getting traffic to your website. One way is to use keywords in your content, ones that folks are searching for, by doing this you’re likely to get clicks to your website. Everyone uses Google or Safari to search for answers today. Another easy way is to simply add your URL which is your website address to the bottom of a post, this too can drive traffic from your social site to your website.

More clicks means more opportunities for sales, and we all love sales!


  1. Social Media Helps You to Build Customer Relationships

Another reason that social media works is that it gets your audience engaged. Customers want to know their input is important.  You can build relationships with your customers in a number of ways. Ask your customers to fill out surveys. Ask them to share their experiences with products and services. You can get real insight into their daily lives. What do they like about your product? What don’t they like? When your customers see you respond in real-time to their needs, they know you care, and they’ll love you for it!

  1. Social Media is Fantastic for Brand Building

You don’t have to spend millions of dollars like McDonald’s to build your brand.  On social media, you get to design how you want people to view you.  Do you want to be known as the company with the quickest response time? Tweet about how quickly you respond.

Do you want to be known for your great customer service? Showcase testimonials.

Sharing pictures and videos is really effective for branding yourself or your company.

You can create your own Quotes with your company name added to the bottom, or upload a WOW photo and brand it with your logo… you can use free photo editing sites such as Canva  and Picmonkey to help you create beautiful branding pieces… and it doesn’t take long to learn either.



  1. Social Media Ads Allow You to Target your Ideal Customers

When it comes to social media advertising, you don’t have to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. Facebook ads,  for example,  allows you to target users by education level, location, gender, pages they’ve liked and other important categories.  You can also target those customers who have already shown interest in your business by adding conversion pixels to your website.  In other words, you have a lot of control over advertising. Some ads can run for as little as $1 a day!

  1. Your competition is on Social Media

Let’s keep it real.  If your competition is on social media and you’re not, then you’re missing out.  By doing all the things listed above, your competitors are getting a huge chunk of your potential customers.  Also, they’ve got a head start on you because eventually, you will get on social media.  When you do, they’ll be years ahead of you.

Now that you know that social media works, what are you going to do about it? Are you ready to use social media to make it work for you?

My name is Heather Clifford and I promise to “Keep It Simple”

How Do you know if Facebook is working for your business?

imgresDo you sometimes feel like you’re spinning your wheels? I hear it all the time from people I work with… It’s not working, Facebook is a waste of time, my posts don’t reach anyone… anymore!

True enough your post have less reach today, it’s a pay to play network if you’re a business. On another note you can see pages that create the perfect content for Facebook (speaking the Facebook language) and the posts end up hitting hundreds of news feeds… but by and far today Facebook requires your credit card.. and Facebook in case you didn’t know happens to be one of the best targeted marketing vehicles available… for the money…

Let’s answer the original question.

Basically how you know if what you are posting has any glue, pizzazz or Likability… Take a look at your engagement factor found in your insights tab. Once you have 30 people (NOT other pages) that have liked your business page, Facebook offers up analytics.. The Insights tab is found just above your cover image.

Facebook example

Now you can explore everything about your page:

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 2.50.23 PMOnce you’ve made yourself familiar with the back-end of Facebook, proceed to look deeper into each posting you’ve made, you’ll find valuable information here. Sometimes people never click on the Like button or Comment… but Facebook will tell you if they’ve clicked on your photos or clicked any links you’ve added.. because your goal should be to drive traffic off Facebook and to your website where you can have email sign-up, showcase products and of course your services!!

Everything you do on Facebook is traceable and tells a worth reading over and over… If you don’t know if your content is of any interest to your audience, you’ll just keep doing what you’ve always been doing & NOT changing it up.. That is complete insanity & a waste of your valuable time!

Not ALL content gets LIKES, but that doesn’t mean your audience didn’t read it or notice your name… this is called Top of Mind marketing and it is important as well. It also helps you to be found in the Search Engines if you are using the right keywords!

Being a Facebook Guru as we have been affectionately named by Facebook themselves… I can tell you everything Catherine & I do on Facebook …is measured and in more ways than one!

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.23.25 AM


Did you know????? Facebook will let you follow other pages in your Insights tab (Think Competition) where you can see if their page is thriving or DEAD!

There you go… it really is that easy, but you actually need to take the time to notice… now it’s just up to you.

You can always ask me to take a look at your page and I’ll snoop around to see what your content is telling the world.. This is one of my favorite things to do… Helping others to get better..


Heather 😉

Which Social Networks are BEST for Real Estate?

Keep It Simple Social Media

This simple question once answered will give you great comfort in the fact that you as a small business owner do not need to be everywhere, simply choosing one or two social networks and doing them well… can make your business visible online, thereby keeping you top of mind for when that “someone” is in need of your services!

The first step into clarity is to ask your clients, customers and even your sphere of influence where they spend their casual time on-line. It’s really as simple as that… “What social networks are you using?”

If you were to search Google for example, and refine your search to the specific social network in your very own City or Country, you could find out where the mass majority of people are.. gender and age too. The more qualified information you have the better chance you’ll pick the network with the greatest exposure for your business.

One thing statistics tell us is Canadians are the most engaging audience in the world on social media, and women in Canada lead the charge. The three top cities include Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver… and it’s important to realize most Canadians are on more than one network.

However, converse to this information is that Canadian small businesses have yet to grasp the power of social media, they still are not implementing social media in their marketing/business plan. The opportunity for exposure online for our small business is tremendous, yet statistics are telling us Canadian small business is failing when it comes to social media.

Twitter – As of May 2015, Twitter has more than 500 million users, out of which more than 302 million are active users. This statistic is world-wide. I have found with Twitter some businesses such as the news, media, fashion, photography… do much better on this platform than others. Instant rapid fire information and visual stimulation.

Periscope – The reason I am mentioning Periscope is because it was recently purchased by Twitter (2015) and has taken off extremely fast. A great live streaming video network that could prove beneficial in real estate.


Facebook – If Canada has a population of almost 36 million and 13,000,000 people over the age of 30 years have a Facebook account.. this tells me I have a very large audience to sell my products to. However if I live, work and my products are in Vancouver, I know my audience over the age the 30 years in the Greater Vancouver area is 1,000,000… this is literally a captive audience to whom I am able to get my product in front of.. Facebook is also going to give me valuable statistics on how well my money is being spent, which people are most interested in my products based on their actions or clicking.

I mention “Money” because in today’s Facebook world if you want to showcase your business & products, you will have to spend money to get better “Reach” and be guaranteed your postings are being fed into the news feed of your next customer… You do not need to promote or advertise every posting, but one a week is a great start.

If you read between the lines of what I just said, the money you spend guarantees your information will go into the news feeds of random people. Hopefully you have used your business analysis to determine who your strongest audience would be to target.. running just any ads on Facebook does not guarantee those people will stop and read your information… this is where creating engaging and brilliant marketing comes in.. speaking the language of Facebook!

Facebook is the platform for Friends & Family… it is a very social environment where word of mouth and endorsements populate the postings. It is a place where Sharing & Caring are in the forefront.

Keeping all these little tips top of mind will help you through a successful journey using Facebook for Business.

LinkedIn – CanadianInternetcom

With statistics as seen in the above photo from Canadian’s it is imperative that you utilize LinkedIn to build professional relationships with your connections on this platform. Look at the average age of the people using this network 45 -54 years. Does that age work best for your business?  With only needing to be on LinkedIn twice a week, it certainly appears to be manageable.

It is also very important to make sure your profile is listed in a professional manner. There are several important setup details that many people completely miss, thereby not being fully indexed through Google.

The new kid on the block which has had huge success in the past couple of years is Instagram. While Instagram appears to be gaining popularity it is mostly utilized by women who have small children, college students and generally a younger demographic. Don’t discount it, but definitely dabble in it as you find time, it might just turn out to be the next big network… Real Estate would look great on Instagram!!

Now you have a little more information on each network and enough explanation to actually choose one or two platforms and get started.

Dedicate the time needed to become familiar with how they work, practice & don’t be afraid, it is time on task that is essential to understanding any social media platform & with the new year ahead of us it might be a good goal to tackle.

My name is Heather and I’m always here if you have questions!


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