Getting Started with Facebook Marketing

Before any successful journey begins you'll need to know where it is you want to go, and WHY! Taking the time to "PLAN & PREPARE" is going to be your first step. You'll want to set goals with what you believe is going to be a winning strategy and incorporate some...

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What is a LANDING PAGE in Social Media?

You might have already heard all about "Landing Pages" and how very important they are for social media, and to help with the marketing of your business online. BUT you might not understand what they are or WHY they are so important... So let's start with the basics....

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What is a Social Media/ Website / Internet Audit?

THREE WAYS A SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT CAN HELP YOU WITH YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY Before a company or brand decides to increase its engagement on social media, it is essential that it conduct a social media audit.  It is a necessary first step in designing a social media...

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