Social Chats Episode 21 Special Guest Pro Mountain Biker Felix Burke. Social Media Marketing & Sponsorships

Social Chats Episode 21 Special Guest Pro Mountain Biker Felix Burke. Social Media Marketing & Sponsorships

Felix is a member of the Canadian national team, an athlete on the Rocky Mountain factory team and a commerce student at the University of Victoria. He has blended his passions for mountain biking and business by launching his own start-up called Trail Trybe (, an experience focused company that consists of three-day mountain bike camps for kids between 9 and 15 years old.

Felix has a wicked Instagram account and a good blog.
Website – Instagram felixburke.1 + Trail Trybe Camps  – Facebook 

Quick note about Social Chats. Social Chats is a weekly live show that we put together to help small businesses learn from great people who stand out in their industry. What they do works well with social media and we hope you this will keep you educated and inspired! View all social chats here:

1- University student, pro athlete, blogger, social media enthusiast. What do you do to be efficient at it?
2- Software, photo editing sites
3- Social media and getting sponsors
4- How do you promote brands on your social media
5- What social media platform or online tool (website, blog) is the most important?
6- goals for 2018 & the story behind story behind our cover image.

Key points below, full YouTube Interview here:



1- Felix you are obviously a super busy guy meanwhile you find the time to have write a blog and be active on social media (in French and English). Most people say they don’t have time for it… Q. Can you share some time-management advice?

Felix – Social media is something that doesn’t come naturally to me. I’m working on it. To be efficient I think about a story I want to tell in advance. I use Instagram and I think about a good caption. I shoot a photo that works with it.

2- Do you use any software or photo editing site? What’s the deal with using photos that people have taken of you (pro photographers).

Felix –I have friends with good phones/camera who take photos of me riding and send them to me. I use the Instagram editing tools. I also use Adobe Lightroom.
…You must respect pro photographers. They are crucial for skiers, bikers, less traditional sports. Make sure to thank the photographers and build a good relationship with them. Find out who is shooting at the event, go visit their galleries, ask if you can use their photos or if need be, buy them. It’s a mutual relationship. GIVE credit. Don’t edit the photos from pro photographers. Don’t filter them.

3- As a pro athlete you probably should market yourself to get sponsorships.
Do you feel like companies look at your accounts?
Do you think social media helped you get sponsors?

Felix – As a pro athlete you are an ambassador for a brand. Companies will look at your exposure on social media, they will look at your accounts and consider the exposure. But overall it is about who you are in real life. You should be genuine. You should be the best ambassador you can, even if you are tired, you should take the time, the extra energy to care about your team and People look up to you.

4- Do they ask you to promote their brand on social media in return? How does that work?

Felix – I’m lucky, I share values with the brands supporting me. It is a natural extension of who I am. Rocky Mountain has great hashtags … #lovetheride #inyourelement #trustyourinstincts #xcinbc

5- Recommendations for young athletes (3 things).

1- Be yourself. The biggest thing I have learned is to be authentic. Try to give back.
2- Reach out. Social media is a great tool for that. Use social media to attract the attention of sponsors. This will help you get in the door. Then it is when they meet you in person that they will decide to sponsor you or not.
3- actively share your story. Inspire people with your story. The adversities, the work, the challenges. That will go a long way.

6- What social media platform or online tool (website, blog) is the most important for you and your business (Trail Trybe).

My website is something I update once or twice a year. Early season I do a revamp, add the sponsors, add their mission, logo. I add new photos and race schedule.

The website is something I put a lot of effort in. It is a resource for people to sign up. I use Wix and GoDaddy.

*please note that these are tips and takeaways are from an episode of Social Chats that was originally recorded on Facebook Live on September 25, 2017. What does Live mean? LIVE means our viewers where able to get involved while our guest was in the studio, and ask questions. You can watch the replay on our Facebook Page, ask questions in the comment field and we will make sure to answer them in a timely matter.

View all social chats here:

Social Chats Episode 17 with Special Guest Andrea Wing Manager, Video, Film Creative for Lululemon

Social Chats Episode 17 with Special Guest Andrea Wing Manager, Video, Film Creative for Lululemon

Social Chats Episode 17*

Special Guest Andrea Wing Manager, Video, Film Creative for Lululemon Athletica – director + cinematographer + fresh air enthusiast


Andrea Wing is a director and cinematographer living in Vancouver, Canada.

Her directing approach has led her to work with international brands, producing global commercial content. Andrea also continues to create work outside of the commercial space, often telling stories that celebrate our natural environment.

Her work has brought her to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Australia, Austria and all over the good ol’ US of A.



1- Background
2- How to get prepared for a video shoot?
3- What gear is essential for people starting out?
4- Recommendation on software for movie editing.
5- What to think about and remember when you are shooting.
6- The story behind the famous photo of the guys with thousands of dollars of equipment, on a skateboard…!



#1 Background

Can you explain to us what you do these days with Lululemon.

Andrea – At Lululemon we have a team of film makers and creators to build the brand content. I also do freelance work for other brands, I just did a shoot with Audi last week which was fun.


#2- How to get prepared for a video shoot?

For people starting with video, what would you recommend they should do to get prepared? We talk to our clients about creating a storyboard, would that be something you would recommend? Suggestions before even starting to shoot.

Andrea – Get prepared before you start shooting! Otherwise you will pay for it in post-production editing. Have a storyboard to keep you on track and keep the cost down if you are hiring someone.

If you are shooting on your phone, think where it will go (Instagram, Facebook, length, landscape etc… Keep your videos SIMPLE. Don’t cram too much! Maybe do a series instead of one long one. How to videos go super well on YouTube, could you do one of those? Solve a problem to someone. Keep it to 60 seconds to 120 seconds.

ALSO remember you will be interrupting people in their day to day lives so make sure you are providing good quality content. Do some research, see what’s out there and maybe ask a blogger if you can use some of their content (always give credit). Create partnerships! Remember to provide value, to teach something to help people.


#3  What gear is essential for people starting out?

Most viewers will be shooting their own video with their phone, some with a camera (few). What equipment would make a big difference (light, microphone etc.) mini studio or portable…

Andrea – Invest in good sound! MAKE SURE YOUR AUDIO IS GOOD.
ex. Zoom mic (more advanced)

Heather – I use RODE

Andrea –  iPhone is good to shoot with, the quality is great. Make sure you are in a controlled environment with decent lighting.


#4- Recommendation on software for movie editing

If people want to try video editing, what would you recommend? Also, any format you feel works best for social media (Instagram, Facebook)

Andrea –  IMovie is a good way to start. At Lululemon we use Adobe Premiere (Adobe Suite). Also take the time to learn, watch tutorials, try things, make mistakes! That’s how you learn. Try It’s great, super pro site to learn how to use software.



Andrea we were shooting on the seawall in Vancouver and we were not allowed to use cars or anything. He made it but actually crashed in Montreal!

See the Lululemon Video here:


Closing note ✨ Video is awesome but could you get away with a great image? We use video when we cannot convey a message with an image… Or with a great blog post for example.


*please note that these are tips and takeaways are from an episode of Social Chats that was originally recorded on Facebook Live on September 25, 2017. What does Live mean? LIVE means our viewers where able to get involved while our guest was in the studio, and ask questions. You can watch the replay on our Facebook Page, ask questions in the comment field and we will make sure to answer them in a timely matter.

Quick note about Social Chats. Social Chats is a weekly live show that we put together to help small businesses learn from great people who stand out in their industry. What they do works well with social media and we hope you this will keep you educated and inspired!


Getting Started with Facebook Marketing

Getting Started with Facebook Marketing

Before any successful journey begins you’ll need to know where it is you want to go, and WHY!

Taking the time to “PLAN & PREPARE” is going to be your first step. You’ll want to set goals with what you believe is going to be a winning strategy and incorporate some proven techniques. It’s OLD SCHOOL!

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS WITH SOCIAL MEDIA? (beware of vanity goals)

  1. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. Here are a few examples of goals you might set…

    • Clean up & enhance your presence on social media
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Be consistent
    • Showcase products and service, recent sales, community events, behind the scenes.
    • End goal could be, getting more leads, sales, recognition… More business.
    • Be able to show social media marketing results to clients
    • Be a trendsetter in the industry
  2. Start by looking on Facebook for posts that people are LOVING… we call these UNICORNS, and they are streaming through the news feeds every day, you just need to stop and study the WHY. Look at the photos, the graphics, the comments, the quotes, especially the SHARES.. Take notes and screenshots. Put them into a folder, call your folder FACEBOOK IDEAS!                                                                                                                           
  3. It is to your advantage to search out your competition to see how they are handling Facebook. NOT with the intention to COPY, but to analyze. See if they are successful or if the perception is making them look better than they really are!
  4. Ask yourself what questions your customers keep asking you more than once, write those questions down on a word document and keep it in the folder, for content creation ideas.
  5. Now in three completely different groups put together your ideal customer. This becomes really important when you’re ready to run Facebook ads. Don’t think that you can spend $20 on an ad and hit everyone o Facebook, you’re going to want to be strategic with your ad dollars. When it comes time to spend money on Facebook ads, you’ll want to target one specific demographic at a time… I always say DON’T blanket the entire 2 Billion people on Facebook. Spend wisely, but KNOW who you are spending your money on!
  6. Write out what value you bring to the marketplace, how can you INSPIRE and EMPOWER your customers?
  7. How about ALL your knowledge, make a list of your own accomplishments.
  8. Ask your BEST customers what it is about you that makes them come back time after time.
  9. You’ll want to decide your voice on Facebook, who you represent, your values and MOTTO.
  10. Create your own RHYTHM… I LOVE Catherine and my TONE at Keep It Simple Social Media... we LIKE to have FUN!
  11. Have a real PURPOSE for WHY you’re here on Facebook.
  12. Now you need to get busy creating VIDEOS, Branding, Content, Photos, and Slideshows for your page. Variety and Consistency are key to a successful strategy!
  13. Create an editorial calendar

    The easiest way to handle a content strategy is to pick up a calendar and write down in each day a quick note of what you will talk about on that day. Dedicate a time in the week for social media (ex. Marketing Monday) and schedule your posts, reviews your ads.
    Keep it Simple!

    Take a calendar from Outlook and begin by thinking about all the special occasions for that month, then slowly fill in each day with ideas for posting… It’s like a guide.

  14. Review your performance

    Each week go into your INSIGHTS tab and look at how well your posts are performing. Adjust your strategy!

    After at least once a month, look at your analytics, see what works, what doesn’t and adjust: – what do people respond to the most?
    – are you feeling ok with things or overwhelmed?
    – ask people where they heard about your company

    Something to think about…The six biggest mistakes businesses do with their marketing:

     Not taking social media seriously (your competitors are)

    Pass it on to unqualified staff

    Not investing in Facebook advertising

    Not creating original content (blog, videos)

    Not being consistent

    Not responding and engaging with fans

    OK… Now you have a basic idea of how to be successful, Facebook is a pay to play platform, so for the best results and reach to potential customers, you’re going to need a marketing budget. Ask for help as you need it, and remember “Keep It Simple”

    Helpful TOOLS

    Facebook page manager – APP FOR YOUR iPhone or Android

    Keep it Simple Social Media Facebook Page

    Keep it Simple Social Media Facebook YOU TUBE TUTORIALS! #socialtips #socialchat

What is a LANDING PAGE in Social Media?

What is a LANDING PAGE in Social Media?

You might have already heard all about “Landing Pages” and how very important they are for social media, and to help with the marketing of your business online.

BUT you might not understand what they are or WHY they are so important… So let’s start with the basics.

A landing page is the website page that you send people to when they click a hyperlink associated with a piece of content you have published. They “LAND”on this page…. an example would be a Facebook post that has text and then you add www.LandingPageAddress

It is our opinion that sometimes technical people have a way of confusing us to believe these pages are and should be separate from our website… taking us to a dark page, a LEAD PAGE or a sales funnel. In some cases when a business sets up a specific event or sale, they might consider creating a separate page for this purpose.

However for everyday social media what you should be striving for is driving traffic from social media to your website….

In our personal experience with our website, we would want the consumer to “Land” on the page we are referencing in our post, and then if they LIKE what they are seeing and reading, they can choose to move around to other pages within my website.

This is called a Click through page. If we just keep it simple and understand our goal is to educate the consumer about our products and service, which can be found on our website, it becomes a little less confusing for you as the business owner.

It is typical of most business people to want to collect a persons email address, so they can continue to stay in touch, keeping their business top of mind.

When you collect data or an email address from the consumer on your website, chances are they found you from the post you created on Facebook (Twitter, LinkedIn) that you added the URL to, which then lead them to your LEAD PAGE, obviously because you have now collected a lead.

The great thing about this is you can reconnect with this consumer over and over through email.

When you set out to collect emails you’ll want to create a post with the intention of offering something of value to your audience in order to get them to click the link and give you their email… an exchange.

  • Newsletter / EBook
  • Webinar sign up
  • Professional service consultation
  • Gift
  • Free Trial
  • Contest entry / coupon

WARNING: People do not like landing on a page that has nothing to do with the original post, and the reason they clicked the link to start with.

So why the big deal about Landing Pages?

YOU do not own the social media sites you’re using everyday, they are what is known as third-party, which means you could wake up one day and not have your Facebook account any longer, THEN WHAT WILL YOU DO?

You basically own two things… Your Website and Your eMail database. You better be sure your website is FABULOUS and functions well on a smartphone… and your other goal should be to continuously collect email addresses, thereby growing your database 24/7.

Facebook is really trying to keep your business on their website by adding “Events – SHOP – SERVICES” tabs and anything else they can think of… and YES we NEED Facebook because they have a captive audience of 2 Billion eyeballs… or I guess it’s really 4 Billion… ha ha.

Landing pages are amazing and we use them for all our postings… BUT it comes down to having a TOP NOTCH website, one with rich information and overall valuable content… and that is what you are promoting on social media…


Heather and Catherine 💋

How to Start Shooting Your First Video for Facebook Business Pages or YouTube

How to Start Shooting Your First Video for Facebook Business Pages or YouTube


It feels like a lot of pressure being told you NEED to be shooting video today in order to compete with online marketing… It’s hard enough to find time in your day to post on your business page, let alone having to become a producer, writer, film maker and star in the production as the lead actor!

Video is actually quite new, YouTube was only founded in 2005, however it is becoming extremely  popular… with over 13 billion videos watch everyday (April 2017) you can see how the early adopters will have a big advantage over those that continue to hesitate…. A good question to ask yourself is…. Are any of those 13 billion videos mine?

For the purpose of this BLOG we are learning to shoot a Native Video to be uploaded straight to your Facebook Business Page from your smart phone… after you can load your video to your YouTube channel, if you have one. Native video simply means  your video was uploaded to Facebook straight from your phone, not a third-party such as YouTube.

If you could understand the value in doing videos for your social media it might make getting started a little more easier. Let’s start by counting down the…


10.  Mobile Users are attracted to video📱

9. Conversion rates, click-through and e-mail sign ups are much higher with video

8. Technology favors video 🎥

7. Video has Higher interaction or that buzzword “ENGAGEMENT” with your viewers than any other published content, even those lazy users that never tell you they are there…. ah ha, we know you’re there because every watched video is now a true viewed statistic. 📉

6. More eyeballs watching means MORE exposure for your business. Brand Awareness, Top of Mind Marketing 👀

5. Video helps people understand that you are an authority on your subject matter… this builds TRUST!

4. The algorithms LOVE video… even if that’s Greek to you, algorithm’s talk to each other, it’s important behind the scenes activity where a lot of consideration goes into the placement of your posts in news feeds, when the algorithms need to pick what content gets ranked higher, video is the number one choice.. (that’s actually two good points)

3. Video is an easy way for you to showcase, answer questions, explain interesting facts, and add value to your customers day, think “Edu-Tain” Education and Entertainment.

2. SEO…  that’s right Search Engine Optimization – It helps you to be found on the world-wide-web… and don’t forget today we have SMO… Social Media Optimization. PLUS… GOOGLE LOVES VIDEO that’s how it ranks higher.

  1. Drum roll please……. People LOVE to Watch video… It’s easy… and even if 85% turn the volume off… they still 💞 VIDEO. Today you can add captions to your videos, and most social networks even do this for you and it’s FREE.

I bet now you know these POWERFUL reasons, you’re ready to get started… right?

Still feeling a little shy, are you struggling with these popular questions?

  • Are you feeling like no one would want to watch your videos
  • You don’t know what you should talk about
  • You’re just too scared to try
  • You don’t have the right equipment
  • You have NO idea how to shoot a video

Let’s go down this path together… one step at a time.. ok?

First of all it would be really important to actually be an authority on the subject you are going to talk/shoot about. It also is important to believe in your product and yourself.

It is said that once your God-given talents intersect with your true passion, you’ll be unstoppable. Do you LOVE what you’re doing? Who better to tell the world about it then you!

This means your head needs to be in the right space.. Does this make sense?

If you are confident about your products or services, you’re already 1/2 way there. The rest comes down to a few simple tasks..

  1. Write out a storyboard for your video – Introduction – Middle – End – Recap – Call to action
  2. Make sure it is relevant to your products or service
  3. Get out of the box, but don’t throw the box away…
  4.  Now practice a few times, get a flow going .
  5. Get all your equipment together. Tripod – Light – Cleaner ….
  6. Now take 5 minutes to breath, get your flow…. sit up straight. (It might help to put a little pillow or rolled towel under the backside of your bum, it’ll help you stay open… a lack of confidence, nervousness or inner doubt, makes us shrink.
  7. Now follow these little steps in the video….

  1. Have all your equipment ready. Such as lights if needed, Tripod, Cleaner & Cloth
  2. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb or Airplane mode
  3. Clean your phone and lens
  4. Go into your camera, turn your phone to video
  5. Hold your phone in a landscape position – This way no black lines will run down either side
  6. Lock Your Screen by holding your finger on the screen, now you can brighten or darken your screen
  7. Now test the sound and lighting
  8. Look into the lens and not at yourself. Maybe put a little star near the lens as a reminder where to look. SMILE
  9. Hold the phone just above your eye line
  10. Now begin shooting, and talk to me not at me… Try to have a rhythm to your voice, don’t speak too fast. You’re going to be AWESOME!!!

Remember the only way you’ll learn is to try, the more you do, the easier and better you’ll get!

Special shout out and thank you for helping us today Michele Clifford from WannaTalkHealth

Heather & Catherine

What is a Social Media/ Website / Internet Audit?

What is a Social Media/ Website / Internet Audit?


Before a company or brand decides to increase its engagement on social media, it is essential that it conduct a social media audit.  It is a necessary first step in designing a social media strategy.

A social media audit analyzes a company’s presence across all media channels and figures out what’s working and what’s not working.

Basically it is looking at your Internet “Footprint”

An audit looks at every possible way for you to be found. It goes through your website thoroughly, it also takes a deep dive into your competition.

An audit once complete can give you a new road map to compliment your good habits and also STOP you from wasting time, resources, and MONEY.
Here are three ways a social media audit can help you with your marketing strategy:

  1. A Social Media Audit Allows You To “Hear” What Your Customers Are Saying About Your Company or Brand

Did you know that 1,000 customers could potentially generate up to ½ million conversations about your brand? A social media audit can help you analyze customer reactions to your brand.

How do your customers feel about a product you’ve just launched?   Is your product generating enough buzz?   On what channels are they speaking about it?  Are there any complaints? A social media audit would capture key performance indicators that would answer those questions.

2. It Enables You to Compare Your Social Media Activity Against Benchmarks for Your Industry
It’s very easy to get into the routine of posting, commenting, liking and sharing on social media, in order to gain greater visibility.  However, do you have specific metrics that you use to measure effectiveness?

Social media benchmarks take a look at the performance of all brands across an industry.  An audit can help determine how well you are doing in respect to those benchmarks and even more importantly, analyze the same for your direct competitors.

For example, if you’re in the real estate industry, how many tweets a day do your real estate competitors send out on Twitter? What sort of engagement are they getting?  Are you getting less or more engagement than your competitors?
Without an audit, you might be using your own internal benchmarks to gauge your social media strategy’s effectiveness, which can be way off the mark.

You should always Google yourself to see how you are doing in the SEARCH engines, BUT please note your computer knows exactly who you are because you use it everyday.

Someone who has never searched you before or very often would have a completely different search experience, and data.
3. It Forces You to Determine Each Channel’s Purpose

Why are you on Facebook? Are you on Facebook just because everyone else is?  Are you on Facebook because you were told that every business should have a Facebook business page?

What do you hope to accomplish by being on Facebook?  Are you looking for engagement or for the customer to click to your webpage?  Some channels are great for generating conversations, but not so good for conversions.

If the social media audit reveals that activity on a channel is not achieving its business purpose, then you are wasting valuable time. You could then decide to eliminate that channel completely from your inventory.
A social media audit is the first step in any serious social media marketing strategy.  If you want to develop a smart strategy, you have to know where you currently stand.  First use the audit to reveal what has been working and what has not been working.

How friendly is your website, do all the links work, do you need an upgrade?

It’s the world-wide-web, your social media channels, and your website together that make up an audit!

Armed with this knowledge, you can now develop a powerful strategy.

Oh yes…. don’t forget every person under the company umbrella counts too!


Let’ Keep It Simple

5 Holiday (Christmas) Marketing Ideas That Will Bring You Joy!

5 Holiday (Christmas) Marketing Ideas That Will Bring You Joy!

(Photo graphics created from – First I searched their data base for a Christmas background, then I added my logo as Logo or Watermark – Double clicked on photo and added “Happy Holidays”)

5 Christmas Marketing Ideas That Will Bring Your Business Some Joy

Christmas is the most commercial holidays there is.  People are inclined to spend for their loved ones, with no prompting at all.  This is why Christmas marketing is vital for your business.

In 2015, U.S. Christmas holiday sales generated over 3 Trillion U.S. dollars.

As a Canadian we spend on an average $766.

How much of that spending was in your cash register?

If you own a business, the question you should be asking is how can you divert some of the sales that will occur regardless, to your own business?

The way to do it is through Christmas marketing.

Here are 5 Christmas marketing ideas that will generate sales for you in both the short-term and the long-term.

 1. Create a Christmas Brand Image

Create a Christmas Facebook or Twitter cover that reflects the excitement of the season.

There is a reason why brick and mortar stores decorate for the major holidays. When people see the decorations, they are filled with holiday glee, which fortunately, includes shopping!

The brighter and better your window looks… the more opportunity you have to get traffic through the door!

Studies have shown that when customers are presented with two stores that sell the same items, they are more likely to walk into and shop in the one that is decorated for Christmas.

Think about this, how do you feel when you arrive at a friend or family members home over the Holidays, and they don’t have a Christmas Tree, yet they do celebrate the Holidays.
Make sure your online presence reflects the joy of the season.

2. Include Gift Samples with Each Customer’s Purchase for the Christmas Season

Include a small, inexpensive, sample of your best products with each customer purchase.  If you sell spices online for example, include a free assortment of exotic spices they might try.   If you sell perfumes, include some free samples of your new perfumes. If you sell real estate, offer a free calendar or home selling tips brochure.

You might have customers that always wanted to try some of your newer products but were a bit hesitant.  They’ll love you for giving them a chance to try them and if they fall in love with a few, they’ll buy full sizes.

At our local grocery store they always have samples out and sure enough when we try them… we buy them!


3. Run Contests and Giveaways on Twitter – Facebook – Instagram

Contests and giveaways are some of the more popular Christmas Marketing campaigns.

One company we saw on Twitter ran a fabulous campaign that included a handbag giveaway. All the followers had to do to automatically enter the contest, was to retweet the giveaway. Keep It simple!

What is awesome about this type of giveaway is first, everyone loves to receive free things.  Secondly, you end up with an army of followers retweeting your post which means, more subscribers and more sales.

On Facebook you can read the rules behind running Contest/Sweepstakes and in less than 30 minutes you have yourself a hook for new LIKES!

4. Give a Gift Card or Voucher

Did you know that according to studies, gift card holders spend 51% more than the value of their gift cards?   So offer gift cards!

You can promote them all Holiday Season long.
In order for this to work, the gift card should be one that can only be used at your online retail store or in person. For example, an Amazon card would not work in this regard.

5. Ask For Christmas Traditions, Tips & Hints

Engagement rocks.  People love to discuss their special holiday traditions, including recipes, how they decorate, etc.  Ask them for recipes for homemade cider or ask them what was in their Christmas stockings growing up.   Ask about unique family traditions or for traditions around the world. Everyone loves talking about Christmas traditions!

Every year I make a Christmas cocktail video and then I share it on my business page, use it as my cover image, and post it on ALL my social media networks… This Year I also made Shortbread cookies!


Christmas is a holiday that is filled with goodwill and good cheer.  Every business can tap into that good will with creative, Christmas marketing that will bring you new customers and retain the ones you already have.

There are also several companies that you can hire to run your Christmas campaigns, but if your budget does not allow for this, you can do it yourself and it doesn’t need to be a chore… make it fun.


We use the following photo editing sites to create our posts, many of them are still Free and have Free Stock Images you can use too. will create your campaigns at a price that is sure to work even on the smallest budget.

CanvaPicmonkey Fiverr Get Stencil

It’s not too late to get creative!

Happy Holidays from KISS Media 💋





STOP doing this on your Facebook Business Page

STOP doing this on your Facebook Business Page

Facebook can be confusing and sometimes it takes time to understand how to navigate. However, there are some common best practices you should observe, that will truly go a long way in helping you project a professional image.

If you truly want your business to be taken seriously on Facebook, don’t ever do this:

1. Forget to Complete Your Page Info

When potential customers are considering doing business with you, the first thing they do is check the information you included in your “About” section.  If your page glaringly leaves out important information, it projects an image of incompetency.  If you’re a brick and mortar store, make sure you include your address and phone number. For online businesses, include as much information as makes sense. Remember, your competition keeps an eye on you!

  1. Only Promote Your Products & Services
    Although you know you have the best products on the market today, make sure you follow the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule simply says that about 80% of your updates should be social. Only 20% should promote your products and services.  Remember, you are on social media to make connections, build relationships and trust, which eventually result in sales. Remember, we all HATE to be sold to, but LOVE to buy!
  2. Pay a Third-Party Company for “Likes”

Oh, the lure of those fly-by-night companies that promise a zillion likes, within a week, for $5.   Unfortunately, if you want to grow real, loyal fans, it will take some time. Fake fans look good, and are great for your EGO, but they’re a waste of time.  They don’t engage, and definitely don’t buy your products.  You want your fans to build community and bond with you through loyalty, so that one day, some of them will buy your products or services. Besides, Facebook always finds out and they’ll remove your fake fans at best – at worst, they’ll shut down your account. Remember, it’s not a popularity contest. You can still advertise to ANYONE on Facebook, even if they did not LIKE your Business Page.

  1. Post Too Many Hashtags in Your Updates

Have you ever stumbled upon a Facebook post that had more than 5 hashtags? How did you feel? Did you get a bit annoyed? This is exactly how your Facebook fans feel when you do just that.   Studies have shown that interactions drop steadily as you increase the number of hashtags, so don’t ever do this!  Stick to 1-2 hashtags per update. Remember hashtags are used on Facebook, but NOT like they are on Twitter or Instagram. #####

  1. Discuss Politics or Religion

Politics and religion are too controversial to discuss on your Facebook business page unless your page is actually about politics or religion.  Remember, you want to attract – not repel potential clients. If your page is about pet products, don’t start discussing the latest election bombshell, no matter how tempted you are.  You don’t want to upset half of your current or potential customer base. Remember, on Facebook WE get to pick if WE LIKE you….

If you were doing any of the above, please stop!  You’ll get an edge on your competitors because many of them are still doing some of these frowned upon activities.

Remember, you can ask me any of those social media questions you might be struggling with…. just go directly to my Facebook Business Page and write on my wall!

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5 Powerful Reasons Why Social Media Works

5 Powerful Reasons Why Social Media Works

Every now and then, you’ll see an article come out that questions whether social media works.  Maybe you’re even wondering if it makes sense to use social media.  After all, who has time for social media – right?

The answer to the question is a resounding “yes!”   Socially media does work, if you’re doing it correctly.

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why social media works 

1. Social Media Drives More Traffic to Your Website
Every time you share interesting blog posts, company news, or product promotions on social media, you increase your chances of getting traffic to your website. One way is to use keywords in your content, ones that folks are searching for, by doing this you’re likely to get clicks to your website. Everyone uses Google or Safari to search for answers today. Another easy way is to simply add your URL which is your website address to the bottom of a post, this too can drive traffic from your social site to your website.

More clicks means more opportunities for sales, and we all love sales!


  1. Social Media Helps You to Build Customer Relationships

Another reason that social media works is that it gets your audience engaged. Customers want to know their input is important.  You can build relationships with your customers in a number of ways. Ask your customers to fill out surveys. Ask them to share their experiences with products and services. You can get real insight into their daily lives. What do they like about your product? What don’t they like? When your customers see you respond in real-time to their needs, they know you care, and they’ll love you for it!

  1. Social Media is Fantastic for Brand Building

You don’t have to spend millions of dollars like McDonald’s to build your brand.  On social media, you get to design how you want people to view you.  Do you want to be known as the company with the quickest response time? Tweet about how quickly you respond.

Do you want to be known for your great customer service? Showcase testimonials.

Sharing pictures and videos is really effective for branding yourself or your company.

You can create your own Quotes with your company name added to the bottom, or upload a WOW photo and brand it with your logo… you can use free photo editing sites such as Canva  and Picmonkey to help you create beautiful branding pieces… and it doesn’t take long to learn either.



  1. Social Media Ads Allow You to Target your Ideal Customers

When it comes to social media advertising, you don’t have to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks. Facebook ads,  for example,  allows you to target users by education level, location, gender, pages they’ve liked and other important categories.  You can also target those customers who have already shown interest in your business by adding conversion pixels to your website.  In other words, you have a lot of control over advertising. Some ads can run for as little as $1 a day!

  1. Your competition is on Social Media

Let’s keep it real.  If your competition is on social media and you’re not, then you’re missing out.  By doing all the things listed above, your competitors are getting a huge chunk of your potential customers.  Also, they’ve got a head start on you because eventually, you will get on social media.  When you do, they’ll be years ahead of you.

Now that you know that social media works, what are you going to do about it? Are you ready to use social media to make it work for you?

My name is Heather Clifford and I promise to “Keep It Simple”

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