Before any successful journey begins you’ll need to know where it is you want to go, and WHY!

Taking the time to “PLAN & PREPARE” is going to be your first step. You’ll want to set goals with what you believe is going to be a winning strategy and incorporate some proven techniques. It’s OLD SCHOOL!

WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS WITH SOCIAL MEDIA? (beware of vanity goals)

  1. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. Here are a few examples of goals you might set…

    • Clean up & enhance your presence on social media
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Be consistent
    • Showcase products and service, recent sales, community events, behind the scenes.
    • End goal could be, getting more leads, sales, recognition… More business.
    • Be able to show social media marketing results to clients
    • Be a trendsetter in the industry
  2. Start by looking on Facebook for posts that people are LOVING… we call these UNICORNS, and they are streaming through the news feeds every day, you just need to stop and study the WHY. Look at the photos, the graphics, the comments, the quotes, especially the SHARES.. Take notes and screenshots. Put them into a folder, call your folder FACEBOOK IDEAS!                                                                                                                           
  3. It is to your advantage to search out your competition to see how they are handling Facebook. NOT with the intention to COPY, but to analyze. See if they are successful or if the perception is making them look better than they really are!
  4. Ask yourself what questions your customers keep asking you more than once, write those questions down on a word document and keep it in the folder, for content creation ideas.
  5. Now in three completely different groups put together your ideal customer. This becomes really important when you’re ready to run Facebook ads. Don’t think that you can spend $20 on an ad and hit everyone o Facebook, you’re going to want to be strategic with your ad dollars. When it comes time to spend money on Facebook ads, you’ll want to target one specific demographic at a time… I always say DON’T blanket the entire 2 Billion people on Facebook. Spend wisely, but KNOW who you are spending your money on!
  6. Write out what value you bring to the marketplace, how can you INSPIRE and EMPOWER your customers?
  7. How about ALL your knowledge, make a list of your own accomplishments.
  8. Ask your BEST customers what it is about you that makes them come back time after time.
  9. You’ll want to decide your voice on Facebook, who you represent, your values and MOTTO.
  10. Create your own RHYTHM… I LOVE Catherine and my TONE at Keep It Simple Social Media... we LIKE to have FUN!
  11. Have a real PURPOSE for WHY you’re here on Facebook.
  12. Now you need to get busy creating VIDEOS, Branding, Content, Photos, and Slideshows for your page. Variety and Consistency are key to a successful strategy!
  13. Create an editorial calendar

    The easiest way to handle a content strategy is to pick up a calendar and write down in each day a quick note of what you will talk about on that day. Dedicate a time in the week for social media (ex. Marketing Monday) and schedule your posts, reviews your ads.
    Keep it Simple!

    Take a calendar from Outlook and begin by thinking about all the special occasions for that month, then slowly fill in each day with ideas for posting… It’s like a guide.

  14. Review your performance

    Each week go into your INSIGHTS tab and look at how well your posts are performing. Adjust your strategy!

    After at least once a month, look at your analytics, see what works, what doesn’t and adjust: – what do people respond to the most?
    – are you feeling ok with things or overwhelmed?
    – ask people where they heard about your company

    Something to think about…The six biggest mistakes businesses do with their marketing:

     Not taking social media seriously (your competitors are)

    Pass it on to unqualified staff

    Not investing in Facebook advertising

    Not creating original content (blog, videos)

    Not being consistent

    Not responding and engaging with fans

    OK… Now you have a basic idea of how to be successful, Facebook is a pay to play platform, so for the best results and reach to potential customers, you’re going to need a marketing budget. Ask for help as you need it, and remember “Keep It Simple”

    Helpful TOOLS

    Facebook page manager – APP FOR YOUR iPhone or Android

    Keep it Simple Social Media Facebook Page

    Keep it Simple Social Media Facebook YOU TUBE TUTORIALS! #socialtips #socialchat

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