Before a company or brand decides to increase its engagement on social media, it is essential that it conduct a social media audit.  It is a necessary first step in designing a social media strategy.

A social media audit analyzes a company’s presence across all media channels and figures out what’s working and what’s not working.

Basically it is looking at your Internet “Footprint”

An audit looks at every possible way for you to be found. It goes through your website thoroughly, it also takes a deep dive into your competition.

An audit once complete can give you a new road map to compliment your good habits and also STOP you from wasting time, resources, and MONEY.
Here are three ways a social media audit can help you with your marketing strategy:

  1. A Social Media Audit Allows You To “Hear” What Your Customers Are Saying About Your Company or Brand

Did you know that 1,000 customers could potentially generate up to ½ million conversations about your brand? A social media audit can help you analyze customer reactions to your brand.

How do your customers feel about a product you’ve just launched?   Is your product generating enough buzz?   On what channels are they speaking about it?  Are there any complaints? A social media audit would capture key performance indicators that would answer those questions.

2. It Enables You to Compare Your Social Media Activity Against Benchmarks for Your Industry
It’s very easy to get into the routine of posting, commenting, liking and sharing on social media, in order to gain greater visibility.  However, do you have specific metrics that you use to measure effectiveness?

Social media benchmarks take a look at the performance of all brands across an industry.  An audit can help determine how well you are doing in respect to those benchmarks and even more importantly, analyze the same for your direct competitors.

For example, if you’re in the real estate industry, how many tweets a day do your real estate competitors send out on Twitter? What sort of engagement are they getting?  Are you getting less or more engagement than your competitors?
Without an audit, you might be using your own internal benchmarks to gauge your social media strategy’s effectiveness, which can be way off the mark.

You should always Google yourself to see how you are doing in the SEARCH engines, BUT please note your computer knows exactly who you are because you use it everyday.

Someone who has never searched you before or very often would have a completely different search experience, and data.
3. It Forces You to Determine Each Channel’s Purpose

Why are you on Facebook? Are you on Facebook just because everyone else is?  Are you on Facebook because you were told that every business should have a Facebook business page?

What do you hope to accomplish by being on Facebook?  Are you looking for engagement or for the customer to click to your webpage?  Some channels are great for generating conversations, but not so good for conversions.

If the social media audit reveals that activity on a channel is not achieving its business purpose, then you are wasting valuable time. You could then decide to eliminate that channel completely from your inventory.
A social media audit is the first step in any serious social media marketing strategy.  If you want to develop a smart strategy, you have to know where you currently stand.  First use the audit to reveal what has been working and what has not been working.

How friendly is your website, do all the links work, do you need an upgrade?

It’s the world-wide-web, your social media channels, and your website together that make up an audit!

Armed with this knowledge, you can now develop a powerful strategy.

Oh yes…. don’t forget every person under the company umbrella counts too!


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