There are two things you can count on… me being here to help you, and that Facebook will introduce, remove, or adjust what we have just learned… Get used to it!

Recently Facebook began to change the way many of us accessed our business page news feed. Most businesses, admins or people, never even knew it existed.. hence the change.

Remember back when you use to be fully logged into your business page, on the top bar it had your business page name, from there you would simply click on the Home tab. The page would then open on the business news feed which was where you saw posts from other businesses that you as a business page had LIKED. This has now CHANGED… It now just has your personal name on the bar.

Most business pages never utilized this bonus feature because somehow Facebook dropped the ball on educating us how to monopolize on it. Basically this feature was never ever used.

On the other hand, it also takes time and energy to cross-pollinate with local or global businesses and does not have a fast return of ROI… in what has become an instant gratification world, people didn’t find any value in using it!

It might be important for me to explain what this second news feed is. The business news feed is exactly like your personal profile news feed, the place where you view all the posted content from your friends and family. (On occasion you have also liked business pages from your personal profile).

When you created a business page on Facebook, you created it through your personal profile, only the two pages are not connected to one-another.

Once your business page is set up, Facebook gives you a second news feed. This second news feed in most cases is empty because you have not started to build it yet. In order for this news feed to begin showing content, you as a business need to LIKE other business pages, but ONLY this time as your business page.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 4.57.32 PMLook closely for this!

Facebook has moved the news feed from the “HOME” tab and relocated it under your business profile photo.

Pages Feed

Now the rest is entirely up to you… Build it and they, other businesses will soon get to know you… How much you use it will be indirect proportion to it’s pay off. Over just a six month period you could establish yourself as a social savvy Facebook Business user.

To begin building your business news feed – Click the Green Box… now think of businesses where your clients might spend their time and money. If you can’t find them through Facebook … Google their website and look for the Facebook logo. Make sure you are on your business page as you do this. (Open a New Window on your computer to begin the Google Search).

LIKING PagesAs you LIKE businesses their content will fill the news feed and their page name will appear to the left.

When you go into your news feed where all these posts are from other pages, you simply be social… don’t sell, Don’t Spam… everyone will know who you are and what you do because your Business Card.. as I’ll call it, goes with your comments and likes.

Your business card is formed from your Cover Image and your Profile Photo or Logo. This business card travels with your comments and LIKES… Although I always say LIKING makes you a number and Commenting sends the full card… It’s important to do both.

Therefore, YOU don’t need to sell. This is Facebook and it is a Social Platform that gives you the best return if used socially. Every time you like or comment you are keeping your business top of mind. Subliminal permission based marketing – Its FREE!

NOT only do the business page owners or Admins see your name and what you’ve said, BUT everyone that notices that page’s post in their own personal news feed, will see your card too… It’s almost one step better than attending a Chamber of Commerce event! (Takes a little to understand this, let me know if the Light Bulb goes on)


If you want interaction on your page, make sure you’re reciprocating on businesses that like and comment on your business page. This is where the reference cross-pollination marketing comes from.

Once a week you should look at who is liking and commenting on your content and make an extra effort to visit their pages, encouraging and liking their content.

*** This feature is NOT available on your smartphone or iPads… It use to be!

In the past month we have spent a lot of time talking about this valuable untapped feature on Facebook for businesses and I invite you to my Business Page

Keep It Simple Social Media

In the past few months I have written several blogs and produced many videos on this very subject.

Let me know how it works for you… and Let’s Keep It Simple!



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