When you first start using Facebook to market your small business, you quickly learn that you want to separate your personal life on Facebook where all your friends and family are, to a more professional business look. You do this simply by creating a Facebook Business Page… Yes it can be very confusing how to manage the two accounts and decide what is appropriate content for posting on each page.

Many people have told me they find if they share content from their business posts into their personal profile they’ll reach more people… this is true and especially because today on Facebook for Business it is a Pay to Play platform.

Which brings me to ask you, who is it you want to see what you are posting? In most cases I am going to assume the person is not in your direct Facebook family of friends…

I have learned over the years to really keep my business page separate from my personal page… on the rare occasion I “Double Post” from my business page to personal page… here is why this can be annoying.. when you first created your business page you probably invited many of your friends and family to LIKE it.. which means when you post on this page, they should receive the posting you make in their news feed. So when you post the same content on your personal page… these friends see it twice…

On your business page you should be looking for new customers as well as offering valuable information to your existing Loyal Facebook fans… as they were once called. Nurturing relationships, being conversational and of course marketing your products and services… So what do you post on a business page?

First consider your audience and the social network you are using… I have and still do experiment with hundreds of different content pieces and can share with you these results..

When I create a posting in a story form… people seem to respond. They click LIKE, they Comment and they Share.. When I write content in a selling form… I do get people looking at the photos, but they do not communicate or let me know they are on my page.. Interesting that we think we can use a social site to sell..

Over and over we are told it is called “Social Media” for a reason… and it is called Facebook…

Think about that.. Facebook..

I like to say it is not so much what you are trying to say (sell) but more how you say it with social media!

So what is FLUFF… Fluff is like filler.. It is content you post to keep your name Top of Mind for when and if your fans need your products or services… It is content that is going to be indexed or searchable online, and adds value to the end users life.

Fluff is NOT selling.

It is also the content that people see a few times a week in their news feed, which gives you a consistency factor in their mind.. it is repetitive subliminal permission based marketing…

It is that interesting or beautiful visual that catches my eye… It can be photos, quotes or blogs (Stories).. What ever it is to you.. make sure your audience is compelled to lift their hand and click something on the keyboard.. this simple action triggers the Algorithm’s to believe your posting is what Facebook calls “Relevant” which means it will be pushed for free into more news feeds…

When the time comes that you do have something to SELL on your Facebook page you should consider paying Facebook to reach more people, and to specifically target the right audience.. make sure you have a link that takes people to where they can get more information.. Like your website!

Try to create a balanced Facebook page that people enjoy and want to LIKE..  a little Fluff.. and a little Selling.. this is the BEST of both worlds!!

Please let me know if this blog helps you understand what to post on your business page.. Good luck!!


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