I belong to some very exciting organizations such as the Asian Real Estate Association of America (AREAA) the Luxury Institute, & Social Media World, where I have met some wonderful speakers and guests. For the past 26 years I have been in real estate and my ten years immersed in Social Media, I have truly tried to grow a healthy network of influential connections.

Three weeks ago I began sending private e-mail messages through LinkedIn to six connections I had established over the years, all of which live in Manhattan.. I was offering a quick cup of coffee, tea or a glass of wine…a great opportunity to get off-line and Face-to-Face with a few peeps….. not one, NONE, of the people I sent the message to have returned my mail.. I have found this very disappointing and some what strange …LinkedIn…

So I hopped onto Facebook and sent out two quick private messages.. Bingo… two dates for wine… within the hour!!!

My question to you is… have you experienced this before or am I an anomaly?

I do know I have connected off-line with many people through private messages on LinkedIn before… however this time I never even received a “I’m a little too busy”…..It makes me wonder if these connections even received my private message… this is not the first time… I know what you might be thinking…LOL!

New York city… here I come!!

Heather Clifford