Ten surefire ways to create awesome content for your Facebook Business Page

1. If we took a moment to smell the flowers, what we’d realize is content is everywhere…  It is in the morning sunshine or the afternoon showers. It could be a happy customer or a job well done by yourself. The people who LIKE your business page, probably LIKE you too.. meaning you as a person or you as a brand. People find similarities in others they LIKE or your brand makes them feel good.

Use awesome PHOTOS, choose the correct pixel size 504 x 504 is best today. Multiple photos are displayed with different pixel sizes depending on how many you add. Think colourful, happy faces or gorgeous scenery.

Include a personal touch – let the world see what makes you as a business be the success you are!

2. Learn just one photo editing trick.. this means pick a simple photo editing network such as PicMonkey.com or Canva.com then spend an hour or two learning how to use it effectively for your business. Edit photos, create your own quotes, or try putting together a new cover image. For the most part these sites are free and full of valuable tools. However there is always a learning curve and you must dedicate a little time to figuring it out.


*Create your own backdrop on PicMonkey or upload a photo and add text, or simply write your favorite quote out.

*Use one of your own photos and add a frame or text to it, drop on your own overlays or use the ones provided

*Think strategically about branding everything you create, this helps create a social footprint for your business

3. How about asking your fans a question and make it really easy for them to answer.

Example: The team at Thornhill Real Estate Group Whistler are hosting an open house weekend, we’d love to know which day you prefer?

A. Saturday or B. Sunday

4. How about fill in the blank.

Example: My brain works best in the____________________

5. How about sharing a video from YouTube? Something related to your industry, and don’t forget to go far and wide when thinking of your product or services. Get out of that box.

6. When you read a fabulous blog or article, share it with your fans, but make sure you point out one exciting aspect to the story that makes me want to read it… Remember on Facebook most people are speeding through their news feed and only stop on exciting or shocking posts.

7. Showcase your team… It’s LIKE a sneak peek into the areas your customer might not know about or ever see. Some people on your team have incredible lives… outside of work!

8. When you attend events share the photos you take with your Fans.. tell us what you learned..

9. Think emotional content and conversational postings. Include ME… your audience in your posting…

10. Thank your Fans for being here. People love to know they are appreciated.

BONUS TIP: Talk to your Fans using Facebook language. It is much different then Twitter or LinkedIn.

That’s it… really that’s all there is to being successful on Facebook… oh and maybe paying for an ad or two once in a while.



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