Content is King on Facebook

Are you asking yourself “What to Post” … I mean this is your business page and you are a professional, should you not be posting information that reflects your professionalism?

Facebook is extremely fickle and when you first create a business page many users feel it makes no business sense to post frivolous content.

Examples are endless of Facebook posts with no comments or Likes on what we think is valuable content for our followers. I am asked constantly for help with content … What can I say to my audience that makes them want to click something..

Heres the thing – Facebook has been used for years as an emotional vehicle where we can laugh, stay connected and share great stories about our lives… many people are feeling very comfortable using Facebook today and add all types of personal information & pictures.. when we go on Facebook sometimes we’re in a hurry, which only gives us time to speed through our news feed.. Other times it’s early in the day and we haven’t quite woke up yet… sometimes we’re having a few cocktails and heaven forbid we touch a key… there are hundreds of excuses and reasons why we don’t let anyone know we’re there..

All of us go on Facebook to be entertained… not bored and not to watch repeats of the news… however when there is a breaking huge emotional story, you can find it on Facebook. This is where the confusion starts.. If you’re posting information that is “Dry” or “Uneventful”… people will skim right past it… IGNORE…

Today in this highly unfocused world we need to standout…you need to have fun or be a colorful character who just happens to have awesome content to read… You need to be the person in the know… the one other people recommend… There is nothing better than a Facebook referral…

Trust me, this is going to take time and resources..and the big question is …

Is Facebook worth it?

That depends on why you created a business page in the first place.. probably because everyone is on Facebook and you’ve heard it can be an incredible marketing tool..Maybe you’re LIKE me and really enjoy your time on the computer… I’m not tech savvy… just social savvy.. being a social person is a bonus on Facebook.

This blog is written for Keith Setter in beautiful Langley BC ~ Keith writes to me to tell me how his Jokes and Quotes get more Comments and LIKES then his real estate information… his knowledgable value added postings… I sympathize with you Keith… It’s not that people don’t appreciate your updates… it’s probably more that they don’t have the time to read it or that they don’t need your products or service….

Can you wrap up those posts in a pretty package? That might get a little more traction. I bet if you stopped posting your community on Facebook would miss you..

You see most people don’t need our products and service at the time they are reading your posting..but what you are really doing is keeping your name in front of them..”Top of Mind” … you still need to be professional, the same as you are on LinkedIn…

I like to say the ratio is

  • 20% Selling
  • 60% Pictures/Quotes/Life
  • 20% Market related material/Links/Blogs

People are there… they just don’t stop at your posting and say anything… we’re in a hurry.. but we’re there.. Now here’s the downside…You need to get those people touching the keys or you will fall off the Facebook charts.. no clicky no viral effect.. catch 22 and nasty.. things are changing at Facebook headquarters and we seem to be the guinea pigs. Don’t worry I roll with the punches and will keep you informed of all Facebook changes …. her’s the catch… you need to be doing more than glancing at my posts on Facebook to keep getting them, you need to let me know you’re there. Clicky Click click!!


My name is Heather Clifford and I live in beautiful Nanaimo where I teach hands on social media workshops, I travel through out this gorgeous province as a speaker, trainer and a social media consultant. I’d be happy to discuss your social media plan and have a look at what you’re doing to see if it’s working for you. 250-668-3310

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