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When You Need Your LapTop to Have Internet Access & there is none to be found???

The world of smart phones comes to the rescue.

I’m sitting waiting for the ferry at Horseshoe Bay in Vancouver trying to get home for the Christmas party this evening…I did take the 8:30am ship across hoping to return on the 10:30am…. I’ve been told the ferry  might not leave the dock for another five hours…. The winds are reported to be 100 KM an hour and the waves are mighty big…. safety first. I just came across on a wild ride and don’t mind sitting out the storm…

A little quiet time with my computer is always a bonus in my world and thank goodness I know how to access the internet from my phone onto my laptop.

Today I will walk you through a few simple steps so you too can use your larger laptop screen to gain access to the world-wide-web, absolutely anywhere… almost.

Not all mobile phones can offer this option – I am doing this example with my i-Phone 4.

1. From your mobile Click on Settings

2. Click on Hot Spot (which should show in the top 6 choices)

3. Click the off button to on – If Bluetooth is on – turn off

4. The first time you use this on your laptop you’ll need to enter your wi-fi password which will also appear for you to see on your telephone on the same screen.

5. Now open the internet  access button for your multiple choice of wi-fi connections in area.

6. Choose your i-Phone – it will ask you for the password – look at the screen on your i-Phone, it will be there as I mentioned.

It is very important to understand that using your smart phone to access the Internet through your laptop uses up your data – this could potentially cost you money if you use more than your plan supplies. DON’T forget to turn OFF your hot spot when finished.

There you go, you’re now in business… share this tip with all your friends.

The BC Ferries does have wi-fi on their routes across to Vancouver Island – however I have found it to be unreliable at this time…


My name is Heather Clifford and I live in beautiful Nanaimo BC where I teach hands on social media workshops, I am a trainer, speaker and social media consultant. I love to travel throughout this province helping my students bridge the distance between technology and utilizing the power of marketing their business with social media. 250-668-3310

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