Addiction & Anticipation

The more I use Facebook the more I understand what an incredible network for making money it is…and I mean the money is being made by Facebook.

The crazy thing is I’d love to work for Facebook… and guess what? I already am, I am teaching you how to use Facebook for business and eventually you will pay to run an ad… I know you will because it gives you incredible exposure & the temptation to test it is unbelievable… Facebook creates milestones for you to achieve and then gives you the permission to use other marketing vehicles that are limited by the number of people following you. Magic number 400

First we start using it personally to chat with our friends & our relatives… pretty soon we’re on Facebook everyday… our mobile phone allows us to tune the world out while standing in line or on riding the bus.. We’re seeing the world today through the computer screen. It doesn’t make it all bad, I’ve done more reading in the last ten years then I ever did in school or out of school… On the Internet.

For me I’m known as a doer, I’d rather be with my friends than in a book… don’t get me wrong I read books, but not as much as some of my Friends.

For me being on Facebook soothes my need to be out all the time, interesting isn’t it… most of us are social by nature. Once you become use to doing one thing over and over, it will become a HABIT… yes we are used to checking in and saying hello…and sometimes three to four times a day, which increases your addiction…or fuels it.

Now you created a Facebook Business Page, good for you… you’ve doubled your social footprint & doubled your addiction… how well you control your need to be NOTICED, the better off you’ll be in the long run…

I teach 15 minutes a day, or every other day to just log on and do what is needed and move on with life…

Facebook gets the hook in you & then introduces even more ways to be found, noticed or remembered.. ADS, Promoted Posts and Facebook Offers… and they’re relatively inexpensive…economical, at least compared to traditional means.. I also can find out how many people have seen my ad on Facebook…and better yet how many people clicked-through for more information… brilliant really… all those successful pages on Facebook just might be promoting posts to get in front of more readers, doing so increases their exposure and with that comes a higher “Talking About”… and that my Friends is very good..

Facebook is a journey of exposure and not a destination …. learn how it works and don’t obsess – easy for me to say..

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My name is Heather Clifford and I live in beautiful Nanaimo BC… On December 11th 2012 I will be teaching social media in Kelowna – If you’d like to read more about this educational event click here Social Media Kelowna 

~ Heather 250-668-3310.

3 hours on Facebook – 1/2 LinkedIn 1 hour Twitter & 1/2 on a Google Footprint


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