Starts with a plan – A road map

With so many networks to choose from it can seem almost too over-whelming to even begin. However with the right approach and a little information from people with a proven track record of success and of course someone you trust…. wading into the social media pool can be a lot of fun and even very rewarding.

A six month plan is a reasonable amount of time to get yourself up and running with five networks. You will need to decide which ones are the most valuable to your business.

The following networks are the ones I believe are winning the game of focused eyeballs at this point in time – December 2012

#1. Facebook ~ without a doubt Facebook has been hands down the front-runner when it comes to where you will find the eyeballs. Incorporating Facebook into your marketing plan can seem a little strange at first, or at least until you accept the fact that Facebook is $150 billion dollar business and not just for university students anymore. Setting up a Facebook page can seem relatively easy, but doing it correctly is another story. Yes there are rules and basic information you need to know, and it is not readily available…you need to actually learn the three top activities to do whenever you’re on your Facebook business often should you be posting and what to post in order to keep your readers interested in receiving your message… you will need to find your value.

*Pictures on Facebook and the correct pixel size can be Googled or found in the Help section of Facebook – cover image, profile picture, photos, tabs & favorites all have their own rules to size….. how to add content and create content could be a fun building exercise with your team… today you need to understand marketing in a whole new perspective, with just a little selling & most of all adding value to your followers day.

Facebook for your business is an opportunity to build relationships with new customers or continue communication and endorsements from existing customers. Within six short months you could build an intimate following of dedicated listeners.

#2. LinkedIn ~ I am finding it more and more advantageous for people in the banking industry, mortgage brokers, & other regulated businesses to get set up professionally with LinkedIn. Being on LinkedIn also gives you an opportunity to be competitive while weighing in on conversations even if you cannot use the other social vehicles & more importantly creating a social footprint for yourself on the world-wide-web.

If you have a professional business of any kind you need to be on LinkedIn, simply because people will search for you on this network before they even meet you. But opening an account does not make you a success… you must grow your audience and make sure your profile is at 100%…. there are also three important to do’s on LinkedIn that is not part of the set-up…..

I love LinkedIn’s motto – “Relationships Matter”

#3. Twitter ~ Twitter and LinkedIn are neck and neck for domination… many Twitter accounts are inactive so the true number of Tweeters is uncertain. Twitter for me is a love hate relationship and I get quite discouraged at the amount of yelling that goes on. It could be I set up my accounts too fast and never took the time to build my following by nurturing the relationships the same way I do on Facebook…..but I tweet everyday & I do try to be respectful and share information from other tweeters…thinking constantly of giving referrals…

When I want the truth about a situation happening around the world I search for the “live as it is happening” news on Twitter!

#4. WordPress Blogging ~ I LOVE blogging and can blog about anything… right now I am focusing on writing social media blogs, I have blogged about Whistler & Nanaimo, my most read blog was about marijuana and the 2010 Olympics. Blogging will turn you into the authority about your chosen subject. Why wouldn’t you add value to all your networks with a blog.

#5. Video ~ Another excellent way to create material for postings and to be considered the expert in your chosen field. Video is fun and video if short and sweet is well received by your followers.

ps… I now am using Pinterest too ♥ KeepItSimpleSM

Anything you choose to do will have a learning curve and will take many hours of your valuable time to set up. It is said that your return on your investment cannot be measured quickly, but I do know from experience the more you put in the more you can expect back. Tracking your success will be very important and while there are tools available to do this asking people constantly where they are finding you, might be by far the best route.

I have many tools in my social media tool box and I can compete with confidence against my competition; this has taken me many years. Ask yourself how long you plan on being in business and then choose the right network to get started. Getting started and sticking with it is the key to social media success.

BTW- Successful people leave clues ♥


My name is Heather Clifford and I live in beautiful Nanaimo where I teach hands on social media clinics and workshops. I travel through-out this gorgeous province helping small businesses bridge the distance between technology and mastering social media for their business by “Keeping It Simple” 250-585-6002

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