Does anything ever really work without a commitment?

Funny – my good friend Cathie opened a bank account three months ago and when she went into the bank this weekend to withdraw $100…. there was no money in the account???? The teller asked her how often she had been by to deposit any money, Cathie said she has not been in since she opened her account … resulting in no funds available to draw from…… same thing with relationships….do you agree?

It’s pretty simple yet an ugly truth, if you don’t put the time into your social media you’re not going to get the results you need to believe it is a viable way to market your business…. Having said this it is also true if you hire someone to do your Social Media marketing that is not a marketer or doesn’t know enough about your business, you might find the same result – It doesn’t work…. how about hiring someone who is fresh out of high school…yaa, the young kids know how Facebook works… wrong,  probably in 99% of the cases… same results… It doesn’t work…. WHY? Because they don’t have the knowledge or the commitment or better yet the passion you have as the owner….

So Heather you ask, how does it work?

Follow these simple steps and each day you will grow your following and your business brand on-line.

1. Make a commitment to 15 minutes at least every other day

2. Add content that is engaging, educational or haha haha…. make me happy I am reading your post or tweet

3. Engage when you can – Hold hands with other businesses – Say thank you!

Yes that is the SECRET recipe… surprised? Social Media is not rocket science it is an arena of constant eyeballs that you are saying hello to… every time you post. It is called “Social” media for a good reason.

ps… If you have never taken a course on Twitter or Facebook Business Pages… and more importantly understood the Three Top activities you need to do every time you’re on your networks, then the above recommendations might not work either… You don’t know, what you don’t know… Twitter is LIKE a referral network and while Facebook appears to be similar to your personal profile it is a business funnel and developed slightly different …. You get what you pay for…and if social media networks are free…thats just a misdemeanor…


My name is Heather Clifford and I live in beautiful Nanaimo where I teach hands on social media work shops. I travel through out this gorgeous province of British Columbia helping to bridge the distance between social media and technology. Call me today to talk about integrating social media into your business plan 250-585-6002



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