EdgeRank Explained in Plain English

It is very important that we understand each time we post on our Facebook Business Page that posting is filtered through a system on Facebook called the “Algorithm” this system measures the importance of your posting… how exciting is it, how interesting or valuable will your “Fans” find it… yes Facebook makes this decision NOT you…

Reasoning: Today over 3 billion comments, Likes and other activity is happening on this one social network.. it is impossible to allow every posting to feed through to your followers news feed, because of this congested highway Facebook determines the ranking of your post through the following three variables.

#1. Affinity: Measures your relationship with the person who LIKES you and the interaction they have created with your page or recent visits, it even looks at how LONG ago that interaction was… the more someone interacts with you the more important Facebook’s algorithm scores your relationship and decides if they will post it in your followers news feed.

Action Plan: Get people Talking About your stories (postings) Invite them back to page once in a while for a visit, give them awesome content. Make your page of huge value.

#2. Weight: Every posting carries its own weight…and some postings have more weight than others… Photos have been ranked as the number one way to not only attract eyes and hopefully conversations but photos carry more weight. Now every time someone comments on a posting that action creates weight for that posting..Obviously commenting carries more weight than LIKES. Even if it is one letter..yes one simple letter or ♥

******However even a simple status update can outrank a photo if it attracts a lot of conversation.

Action Plan: Ask people to do something, even if it is click LIKE if you agree… but it would be much more valuable to you if they wrote a comment. Example: Do you agree YES or No – Facebook has help your business

#3. Time Decay: The clock is always ticking on Facebook, but some news feeds are ticking faster than others, here’s why.. If you have a lot of friends or you’ve LIKED a lot of pages on Facebook, your news feed will be busier processing all the postings from those people….and you’re only seeing about 20% of what you could be seeing. Each posting may only last about four hours in someones news feed…but they need to be on Facebook to see your posting.. The more someone is on Facebook (addiction) the more likely they will see your posting..If they are regularly connecting with you. The reverse of this is also true…If I only have a few friends I might see a lot more of their stories, it could even look like all they do is post on Facebook..You need to read the date posted!

Action Plan: Have a consistent Facebook schedule, but mix it up to see what time of day gets the most traction. Don’t post too much or you risk being UNLIKED…but don’t post too little or you will get lost in the jungle… Myself I post on my business page Keep it Simple Social Media  once or twice a day at least four hours apart.

You can check your EdgeRank by looking in your Insights (if you have 30 people who have clicked your LIKE button) on the Reached tab and seeing which posts have the most engagement. You cannot however check the EdgeRank of a follower because each one would have a different affinity score….you can see how much a person or page has engage with you and reward them somehow…or at least say thank you ♥

Tell me – Was this posting on EdgeRank helpful…or are you more confused?


My name is Heather Clifford and I live in beautiful Nanaimo where I teach hands on social media clinics, training, consulting and speaking. I travel through out this gorgeous province helping people like you to implement the new marketing tools and become a powerful presence on the world-wide-web. Call me today if you’d like to talk social media and business plan implementation.



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