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But Does It Work?

It makes little business sense to implement a new tool in marketing without a valid way to measure its success and with social media the return (ROI) on your investment could appear difficult to gage. Understanding the value of your Insights tab is a very powerful marketing tool, and it gives you a sense of satisfaction for the time you have dedicated to your Facebook Business Page. Although having the Insights tab work for you means getting thirty people to LIKE your page – This is the basis for beginning, not a task to take lightly… Facebook takes dedication and a commitment of time each week… Facebook for business is not a casual affair. I train so many people who drop the ball once they leave class…. They tell me they just don’t have time. Trust me hundreds of thousands do… that is why business pages are so very successful for building relationships – before the sale!

Having put my money on the table I want to know exactly what to do and I will do it… 15 minutes every other day!

You are building a community – it is similar to cold calling if you’ve ever done it – it ranks right up there with sending a news letter once a month… here’s the difference, people give you permission to say hello (keeping your name top of mind) as soon as they click you LIKE button… and every time you post a status update you are saying hello…. which over time helps people remember who you are. You’ve heard the saying it takes at least five contacts before people are interested in your service… well Facebook helps you build trust and value as time goes on…..

So what does it all mean? Lets take a look at the Insights Tab known as the Overview located in the picture above.

Box One – Total Likes

This is the number of people (not pages) that have clicked your LIKE button located under your cover image – you cannot see this (LIKE) because you have LIKED yourself – this is why you see your updates in your personal profile news feed – NO ONE else can see this news feed but you. Only the people who have LIKED your business page can see this posting – unless they have come directly to your page and are checking it out.

Box Two – Friends of Fans

This number should start getting you excited… this shows you the opportunity you have to cross-pollinate with your friends friends…so this number represents all the friends of the people who have LIKED your business page.

Box Three – People Talking About This

When anyone interacts with your page they are called unique people, these people create stories about your page by clicking the LIKE button or commenting, when they LIKE your posts or a big one would be Sharing your posts. If someone answers a question, writes on your wall, tags your business page in a photo or even responds to an event, checks-in or recommends your page, Facebook will track this activity over a one week period and calculates your “Talking About”

The more activity on your page, the more “Talking About” will increase and the more viral your page becomes, helping your name go further into your friends news feed, this is why it is critical that you engage with your followers…especially when they take the time to talk to you. Your business page is your virtual Chamber of Commerce ♥

Box Four – Weekly Total Reach

This metric is one I especially appreciate, it tells you the number of unique people who have seen any content associated with your page…Including paid advertising and sponsored stories that might point to your page. Not a lot of paid advertising can do this….yet!

I hope this helps you understand the value of your page, keep in touch as we cover all the metrics of your Insights on Facebook. Don’t forget you can ask me any questions you have about social media right on my wall Keep It Simple Social Media Facebook


My name is Heather Clifford and I teach hands on social media clinics to small groups of people. I teach Facebook business page set up and functionality. Twitter, WordPress blogging like this, YouTube and LinkedIn…I just started my own Pinterest account with 90 boards…Fun. My method is Like Einstein said “The simplest way is the best way” Keep It Simple Social Media 250-585-6002 Nanaimo BC and throughout the province.

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