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Words Can Confuse Us

Sometimes it is just the speakers choice of words that cause us the most confusion on the internet… Technical terms can be defined several different ways when referring to anything in life and yet if we are unfamiliar with the words being used, because we don’t understand them, we lose interest quickly and begin to think about all the work we need to get done outside of where we are presently.

How about a public speaker that uses acronyms during a presentation? Obviously the person thinks we should all know what they are referring to…NOT!….  Honestly though I myself fall prey to saying things during my class that makes no sense to the listener… Life!

Why don’t we put our hand up and say STOP…what is it you mean, please try a different choice in words…It is so important today with social media that we do not allow the technical advancement of others who “Get It” to leave us behind..

So now we come to a word being thrown all around the World-Wide Web ” Organic” – what does it really mean….

Organic marketing is simply using the internet to market your business online without paying anyone for the exposure… That’s it!

To organically optimize your Facebook Business Page you need to get your message out and received by as many of your followers as possible…Did you know that your message also means your posting, your status update, what’s on your mind. All of these sayings mean the same thing..

Facebook could not possibly feed every message you send into everyone that is following you(s) news feed. It is said that only 16% of your followers receive your message.

The more valuable your content the more people will interact with it… Valuable means something different to each person…. this is why “Practice” makes perfect…..You need your followers to click LIKE or add a COMMENT…or even the big prize which is to get them to click SHARE…. I say once a week SHARE the love and help others trying to achieve the same goal as you… being found organically on the world-wide web.

ps…. when you read another business pages post and it makes you think of someone else who would appreciate it…LINK in the comment section the persons business page and Share the post this way… Do this by using the @ symbol and then the busines page name you want to link. (here is a video explaining how to do it)


My name is Heather Clifford and I live in beautiful Nanaimo where I teach hands on social media clinics…I travel through out BC helping people utilize social media as a strategic marketing tool… Twitter – Facebook Business Pages – YouTube – WordPress Blog – Pinterest – FourSquare – LinkedIn.

Call me if I can help you with your social media business plan… I am a social media speaker and consultant 250-585-6002

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