Playing in the Social Sandbox Does Have Rules

  • Never post your advertising on another Facebook Business Page without permission
  • Do not tag people or pages that are not in the photo
  • Always use the comment section within a post to engage on another Business Page. Preferably in the news feed
  • Always engage with your followers when they are talking to you
  • Always Listen to your new community
  • Remember – If you picked the proper Name for your business page – I know who you are and what you do, each time you post
  • We don’t need to remind people in every post that we’re open for business….Facebook is already doing this for you
  • You need to be friendly to make friends
  • Don’t be Pushy

TIP: Every time I teach a clinic I use the analogy of being at the Chamber of Commerce luncheon… If one of the business owners comes up to you to introduce themselves, you don’t turn the other way and head across the room… you say hello in a warm “Great to meet you” manner. Treat social media just LIKE you would in real life… this is real life, these are real people taking time out of their busy day to say hello. This is an opportunity to ENGAGE… Don’t drop the ball…

* On another but similar note my friend Mo (Maureen) Douglas Solopreneur of Mobilize Strategies wrote a great blog about the simplicity of “The Power of Hello”

TIP: Ask yourself this… would I walk into someones store and drop my brochures off on the counter, or start handing them out to the customers…NO you wouldn’t, it just doesn’t happen… make sure you don’t pull that move in your social media community…

TIP: It is real easy today to get Spammed or Banned XXXXXXX…even more LIKELY to get UNLIKED.

Social media should be taken seriously if you’re a professional, this is your reputation. Don’t end up in the negative pool of unfriendly, poor etiquette social users. Just play nicely and keep getting along with others…just LIKE in real life.

I’d lIKE to give a shout out to Cathy Purdy Goddard with Light House Visonary Strategies for posting this question right on my wall…YES I Like you to post on my wall…. thank you again Cathy I love it when businesses ask me their questions…


My name is Heather Clifford and I live in beautiful Nanaimo – I teach hands on social media clinics all across this gorgeous province of BC. I am a social media trainer, consultant and speaker… Every thing I teach I am also doing.. check me out. How is your social media footprint?

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