Social Media Business Plan Strategy

Social Media is now one more new component to your marketing strategy to drive traffic and maintain loyal client’s. Therefore each year an actual plan needs to be laid out. If you are new to social media and you are reading this – Welcome, your future just became a little brighter.

1. Look at your customer and ask – what social networks are they spending time on?

2. Create a six month implementation of three networks

3. Find a teacher on that network that is supportive, does what they teach and is approachable after the course

4. Spend two – three months absorbing listening and experimenting with your new network

5. Build your audience STRATEGICALLY (I will speak about this at the end)

6. Measure your social influence – ask people how they heard of you – seek feedback about your messaging

7. Now ask yourself in month three – Do I believe this is working for me, and am I comfortable?

8. Introduce the next network and REPEAT…

The Importance of a Solid Strategy

The internet today is a place one could get lost very easily and before you know it hours have flown by. We need to be FOCUSED at all times,  you achieve a focused approach when you have a solid business plan. The strategy is constant contact and a social approach. Engagement, two-way conversations… Just LIKE in real life!

What people tend to do is follow friends and businesses that don’t understand the important duties of having a social networking account – on Twitter if someone is dabbling on this network they tweet every few weeks and have very few follower. They have not put the energy and effort into their social media Business Plan. Yes everyone starts at zero – consistent nurturing of each account is essential.

On Facebook we need to look at the same thing, how many people follow the page and is anyone talking about their message. All this information is upfront for you to gauge before you click Follow or LIKE. Why is it so important – Strategy, your time is valuable, you want to cross-pollinate with businesses that can help you, not waste your already limited time. Think of lending someone a helpful hand if you feel this business is an important connection for you…or recommend someone to get them on track.

(Did you know if you click on the high-lighted blue or red link it will take you to that site – if a little yellow star appears just right click and open in a “New Window”)

Keep It Simple Social Media – Facebook

KeepItSimpleSM – Twitter

Look beneath the page Name it will give you “LIKES” and “Talking About” 2% is an average ratio – they need thirty LIKES ♥

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Heather Clifford lives in beautiful Nanaimo BC and teaches hands on social media clinics all across the province. Specializing in social media business plans, marketing strategies and speaking engagements. Twitter, Facebook Business Pages, YouTube, WordPress Blogging, Google+, LinkedIn

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