Why Groups?

If you are new to LinkedIn you’ve really joined at a very good time…it has taken LinkedIn a few years to build its professional reputation that seems to be growing by two members every second.. which is amazing.

Another excellent benefit to joining groups on LinkedIn is each group you join appears on your profile…this let’s any people looking at your profile know you are active on LinkedIn.

HeatherClifford on LinkedIn

If you follow the link above and scroll to the bottom you can see an example of my Groups

You can follow groups and join in the discussion adding your own valuable comments, quickly building relationships and branding yourself as an expert. You could follow customers, suppliers and other company related people to find out what is important in their world, and add value to the conversations by answering questions or beginning a new discussion yourself.

There are literally thousands of groups to follow and it has been suggested by leading LinkedIn professionals to Join a few dozen.. This means you need to be engaged, current, and adding relevent postings.

Examples of Groups could be

  • University Alumni
  • Charity
  • Political
  • Technological
  • Career issues
  • Employment related

Some groups are private or by invitation only and you need to apply and wait for acceptance. You can even start your own group and send out invitations to your connections.

The following video was produced by LinkedIn and is very informative, just click on the link…

Groups on LinkedIn with Keep It Simple Social Media

Tomorrow we will write about connections on LinkedIn and how it works

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