The Father Daughter Dance

That is correct – no mothers, none, don’t even try to volunteer, you’re not invited….. But for the daddy’s of Whistler it is a very special evening to take their princess out for an evening of food, games, laughter…. and yes dancing….. Lots and lots of dancing.. A chance for each little girl in Whistler who hasn’t reached her teens to shop for a beautiful dress and really shine for her daddy….. a true bonding experience no father would want to miss…

Graciously hosted by The Fairmont Chateau Whistler,  this is the largest annual fundraising event in its 17th year for the Whistler Children’s Centre. Tickets where $40 for dads, $20 for daughters; and by the sounds of the attached video…. the girls love it..

Video compliments Robert Eberhard “Eberhard Marketing and Communication”

Some dads I’ve heard need to wear ear plugs…. because little girls love to scream, especially when you get a few hundred in a room together….. and the excitement of the Father Daughter Dance has them wired up to beat 90….. I asked my little girl if I coud come disguised – you know undercover to get the story for my blog…  I said, I’ll wear a mustache… Tashi was very serious when she looked at me and said, mothers are not allowed and that includes you!

Kaitlyn Hill and BF Tashi Kawaguchi

The young cashier at Nesters recognized my daughter at the cash out and asked if she had a good time – I asked the young woman how she got in, I mean at her age… she said she volunteers every year as it reminds her of special memories when she was a little girl – oh yes and she mentioned the “Gelato”  ice cream too…

My friend won the best Father Daughter dance, I’m not quite sure how the judging would take place and if he can even really dance…. But this was the bomb for a father and daughter… yes to take home the coveted prize as the best dancers in Whistler… Congratulations Robert and  Jade….Every year they bring up a DJ from Squamish and the Fairmont rocks until dark…. I’ve heard some dads come in limos, and some arrive in fancy convertibles,…. but no matter how these princesses arrive at their ball.. one thing is for sure…. their prince in shinning armour is their “FATHER”….. I love it!

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