It has come to my attention through a small fine that parking in the Market Place free parking has gone from two hours to one hour. Now until March 28th, 2010.

They no longer chalk your tires… Be aware they have gone electronic!!! No more rubbing the chalk off.

Be advised that a fine and or towing could occur.

 Creekside has only limited parking and we don’t know for how much longer. Whistler/Blackcomb Parking

Whistler Creekside parking

NO parking at Creekside Feb 1 – March 21, 2010.
Phased-in Creekside parkade closures:

P1Jan 4 – Apr 21, CLOSED to public.
Surface ParkingJan 4 – Apr 21, CLOSED to public.
P2Jan 11 – Apr 5, No access to 100 spaces of P2.
P2, P3, P4Feb 1 – Mar 21, CLOSED to public.

Parking Closures

The following information outlines when each of the day parking lots will be CLOSED due to exclusive use by the Vancouver Organizing Committee for 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Day skier lot use:

Lot 1Feb 1 – Mar 1, CLOSED to public.
Lot 2Feb 1 – Mar 1, CLOSED to public.
Lot 3Feb 1 – Mar 1, CLOSED to public.
Lot 4Feb 1 – Mar 26, CLOSED to public.
Lot 5Feb 1 – Mar 26, CLOSED to public.
Lot 6 (Base II)Feb 4 – Mar 4, CLOSED to public.
Lot 7 (Base II)Sept 1 – Mar 30, CLOSED to public.
Lot 8 (Base II)Sept 1 – Mar 30, CLOSED to public.           The Resort Municipality of Whistler – Parking

Taking the bus is becoming your only choice unless of course you decide to buy a parking spot of your own! 

 $13,000 and up….

If you decide you want to buy a highly coveted parking spot, please call my good friend

 Carolyn Hill  604-905-2873 she knows where they are all hidden….

Whistler Wave

Looking forward to all the people I am going to meet on the bus… and to all my Absolutely Fabulous fans…

“Public Transport – I’ve got nothing to wear on public transport darling”

Cheers!     [tweetmeme source=whistlerheather only_single=false]

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