Well it took a little time – after all it is a science.    



The numbers could be off one or two sales.    

 I did not include timeshare    

The last couple of years existing projects sales have made their way into mainstream sales statistics 

(Homes that never sold during a new project launch – but since have).   

I never doctored any numbers, just gave you the real deal.    

 I did notice a trend – as there will be in all real estate markets.    

What I Noticed    

2002 and 2007 were very similar years, especially if you take out projects. Both years have record sales; I would say every four years Whistler has an upsurge in the market. In the middle of this surge is when prices start moving upwards; the supply would diminish and the demand would rise. The next up swing in the market should be in 2011 – yes 2011 last quarter is when I will sell my home.    

2004, 2005 and 2006  seem to be the slowest years for sales; I would venture to guess prices came down a little which helped to make 2007 a strong market. Which leads us to believe that if the market has slowed since 2007 and the next surge is in 2011 – then 2010 is the year to BUY.   


The language of Real Estate    

A few other items of importance when talking real estate: http://bit.ly/bksTG    

Above is a link to Wikipedia and a very interesting interpretation of the following…    

median is described as the numeric value separating the higher half of a sample    

mean is the sum of the observations divided by the number of observations    


Above is a picture of “At Natures Door” sold in 1/10th shares similar to 1/4 share  

The Number of Sales and the Product Type:  2002 – 2009


1/4 share95725030416479101
Total Sales1300729696528644943519483

Next blog will be my experience and cost as a tourist in Whistler during the New Years.   

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