#1. Between Squamish and Whistler is 50 km or 30 miles and no gas station – once in Whistler there is only one…and if it is busy – it could become frustrating and time consuming…Gas before you leave Squamish

#2. The Sea to Sky Highway is a mountain highway- this means you should anticipate extreme weather conditions.

Dress – Drive and equip yourself accordingly: warm clothes include gloves and winter boots, blankets, food and water.

#3. Make sure your windshield fluid is full, and approved for minus zero temperatures

#4. The Sea to Sky Highway is a scenic route with ample pull offs for taking pictures – make sure you stop in a designated area for safety purposes.

#5. Your winter tires should be “Mountain Snow Flake” Rated – you can tell this because the tire has a snowflake inside a mountain symbol on them. You could encounter a road stop check point…Don’t get turned around because of your tires…

#6. Always check the Highway conditions before you leave http://bit.ly/1bQ92p

#7. Always check the weather report before you go – but remember “Mother Nature” answers to no one but herself…


#8. Tune your radio to Mountain FM – 107.1 FM in Squamish and 102.1 FM in Whistler http://bit.ly/syVjT

#9. I wear my sunglasses at night…. SUN GLASSES – When that road is wet and then the sun comes out it is shinny and

bright…just like my diamonds..

#10. By far the most important thing to remember is “Have Fun” – you’re about to under take an incredible journey…. If things go wrong, as they sometimes do….It’ll not be the problem that matters, but how you handle it…Good Luck!


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